Environmental Information

Mountain Home Air Force Base strives to provide outstanding stewardship to the installation and the local community through protection of human health and the environment.  The wing environmental flight assists the 366th Fighter Wing in accomplishing its mission by ensuring continued access to land, air and water. In this section you'll find documents and press releases to increase public awareness of how different wing initiatives will preserve the environment.

Contact the Environmental Management flight at (208) 828-6351.

Environmental Documents

Environmental Assessment (EA) for Geothermal Energy Development_FINDING OF NO SIGNIFICANT IMPACT (FONSI)

Environmental Assessment for Geothermal Energy Development

366 FW Environmental Commitment Statement 2020

Proposed Airspace Optimization EIS
Mountain Home AFB Airspace Optimization EIS Website

MHAFB Impact Study 2018

Drinking Water Consumer Confidence Report 2018

Asbestos Factsheet

RAB Open House News Release

2017 Consumer Confidence Report

MHAFB RSAF Beddown Final EA


MHAFB Cheatgrass Final EA

 Economic Impact for FY 2016

2017.12.04 MHAFB Sustainable Water Project Decision Record_signed.pdf

2017.12.04 MHAFB Sustainable Water Project FONSI_signed.pdf

SKM_284e17120513380.pdf Sustainable Water Supply EA-FINAL 30 Nov 17.pdf

MHRC Final EA_Revised_FONSI_reduced.pdf

Final Draft Operational EA

2016 AF Proposed Plan for Military Munitions Response Program

Aug 2014 Air Sample Test Result Near Family Housing

  2016 Consumer Confidence Report

  Elmore County Ground Water Quality Improvement and Drinking Water Source Protection Plan 

East perimeter Rubble Piles 

OU Proposed Plan

  2014 EECA Public Notice 

Engineering Eval/Cost Analysis Non-Time-Critical Interim Removal

  CSE Phase II Tables for public comment 

2012 Integrated Natural Resources Management Plan 

Operable Unit Number 3 Regional Groundwater 

2011 Five-Year Remedy Review Report 

Explanation of Significant Differences 

Military Family Housing Privatization Environmental Assessment 

EMS Policy Letter 

General Awareness Training 

BLM MHAFB Sustainable Water Project

Mountain Home AFB_revised-DRAFT_EA Jul 17

Interested Parties Letter Water EA 11 Jul 17


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