Special Staff Agencies

The Chaplain Corps team provides for the free exercise of religion by providing worship services, 100-percent confidential spiritual/morale/ethical counseling and advice to leadership. They also provide a wide variety of resiliency events to help ensure our Gunfighters are spiritually fit.

Commander's Support Staff (CSS)
The CSS consists of the vice commander, command chief, director of staff, secretaries and administration personnel. Each member of the team ensures the commander's short- and long-term priorities remain on-track. From scheduling meetings and preparing awards for personnel across the base, to acting as advisors and helping manage wing programs and policies, they ensure the commander is well-prepared and available to execute day-to-day activities.

Command Post (CP)
The Command Post is the hub of incoming and outgoing communications on Mountain Home AFB 24/7, 365 days a year. They are the central communication liaison between agencies and personnel such as major commands, commanders, first sergeants, Air Force Red Cross and base agencies for Airmen base wide. Command post personnel not only spend their time monitoring systems for real world threats, they also provide support for aircrew and transient aircraft.   Both the Giant Voice system and the AtHoc alerts that come across electronic devices are all initiated by the command post. The mass notification system is also a very important part of what they do day to day.

Equal Opportunity (EO)
Equal Opportunity serves the military and its family members, retired military, DoD civilians and applicants, defending against unlawful discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual harassment, orientation, age (civilian), genetic information (civilian) or disability (civilian).

Financial Acquisition Squadron (FAS) 

The Financial Acquisition Squadron, formally known as the Comptroller Squadron, is a powerhouse team consists of 70+ military and civilian professionals and is responsible for providing all contracting and financial support to the 366th Fighter Wing and its tenant units.

The Historian manages historical activities, programs, and functions and provides historical research and reference services. The Historian also deploys and researches, interviews personnel and prepare analytical historical publications. The Historian will assemble and maintain historical document repositories for reference and research.

Information Protection (IP)
Information Protection consists of a set of three core security programs: Information Security, Personnel Security, and Industrial Security. They work in tandem to protect classified  information, determine DoD personnel security clearances, and handle information released to industries with regards to classified contracts. They also manage the base's Operations Security and Foreign Disclosure Program.

Special Staff Agencies (cont)

Inspector General (IG)
The Inspector General conducts investigations concerning mismanagement, reprisal, restriction, discrimination not based on race, religion, color, sex or national origin, as well as fraud, waste and abuse.

Judge Advocate (JA)
The 366th Fighter Wing Legal Office strives to provide full spectrum legal support to Gunfighters ensuring mission success in today's war and the next. Legal is ready to provide clients timely, accurate and ethical advice and solutions to any legal issues presented.

Plans, Programs and Inspections (XP)
The Fighter Wing/XP Plans, Programs, & Receptions office is the primary coordinating organization for all local and Air Force plans that affect the Fighter Wing. They ensure all these plans are up to date and executable. In addition, XP is responsible for managing the Crisis Action Team to provide immediate, focused response to any major wing emergency. The Receptions section is the commander's liaison between TDY units and the 366 FW. Receptions assists in coordinating with 30 Fighter Wing agencies base-wide to support all U.S. and foreign national military air and ground units.

The 366th Fighter Wing Protocol office provides policy and procedural guidance concerning proper protocol requirements for visiting dignitaries, military ceremonies, conferences, official meetings, briefings, and official social functions. Protocol also serves as the Installation Tribal Liaison Officer and is responsible for planning all formal meetings with federally-recognized tribes.

Public Affairs (PA)
Public Affairs works directly for the wing commander to communicate their message and base information to on- and off-base audiences. They produce video and print stories about the 366th Fighter Wing's operations and events, and work as liaisons between the local and military communities and news agencies. 

The Wing Safety mission is to preserve Gunfighter war-fighting capability through the effective prevention of occupational, aviation and weapons-related mishaps, injuries, and fatalities and mitigation of unacceptable risk. They accomplish this mission by conducting safety assessments, mishap investigations, educational courses, and through management of numerous mishap-prevention programs. 

Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR)
The wing SAPR offices promotes 24/7 safe and confidential avenues for all victims to report a sexual assault. To provide -- through victim advocacy and collaboration with military and civilian agencies, such as mental health, medical facilities, law enforcement, and legal help -- three core elements for recovery: empathy, education and expertise.