366th Maintenance Group

366th Maintenance Squadron (MXS)

The 366th Maintenance Squadron provides safe and reliable on/off equipment maintenance in support of more than 60 F-15E/SG aircraft. The squadron is comprised of over 450 personnel in 15 career fields assigned to 7 Flights which include Avionics, Aerospace Ground Equipment, Commanders Support Staff, Accessories, Fabrication, Maintenance and Propulsion. The squadron ensures combat readiness of personnel and equipment to support aircrew training while providing real-world contingency support worldwide.

366th Munitions Squadron (MUNS)

The 366th MUNS provides lethal and reliable munitions and weapons systems in support of more than 60 F-15 E/SG aircraft. The squadron includes over 300 personnel across four Flights: 'Aircraft armament', 'Air Force Repair Enhancement Program', 'AMMO', and 'Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment.' The squadron develops personnel, providing and maintaining equipment readiness to support in-garrison operations and contingency plans worldwide.

389th Fighter Generation Squadron (FGS)

The 389th Fighter Generation Squadron’s mission is to provide safe and reliable Thunderbolt airpower – anytime, anywhere. Our squadron consists of 309 personnel from 7 AFSCs, and 21 F-15E Strike Eagle aircraft. Our priorities are: lethality, people, cultivating trust, deliberate development, and safe and reliable maintenance. The squadron ensures mission ready aircraft to support aircrew training and/or combat operations worldwide.

391st Fighter Generation Squadron (FGS)

The 391st Fighter Generation Squadron (FGS) provides safe and reliable on-equipment maintenance of 26 F-15E aircraft.  The squadron is responsible for the daily inspecting, servicing, launching, recovering, repairing, and munitions loading of the aircraft, as well as the periodic inspection and repair.  The squadron includes over 350 personnel from 5 career fields assigned to Sortie Generation (Production, Phase, and Plans sections) and Sortie Support Flights (APG, Specialist, Weapons, and Support sections).  The squadron maintains personnel and equipment readiness to support deliberate and contingency plans worldwide.