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366th Maintenance Group

366th Maintenance Squadron (MXS)
The 366th EMS provides safe and reliable on/off equipment maintenance for more than 60 F-15E/SG aircraft. The squadron includes more than 400 personnel in 11 career fields assigned to aerospace ground equipment, armament, fabrication, munitions and maintenance flights. The squadron ensures readiness of personnel and equipment to support combat aircrew training and execute deliberate and contingency plans worldwide

366th Munitions Squadron (MUNS)
The 366th CMS provides safe and reliable on and off aircraft equipment maintenance in support of more than 60 F-15 E/SG aircraft. The squadron includes over 200 personnel in 10 career fields assigned to Accessories (which includes Egress, Electro-Environmental, Fuels & Hydraulic sections), Avionics, Propulsion and Test, Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment Flights. The squadron maintains personnel and equipment readiness to support deliberate and contingency plans worldwide.

389th Fighter Generation Squadron (FGS)

Description Pending

391st Fighter Generation Squadron (FGS)

Description Pending