366th Operations Group

389th Fighter Squadron (FS)
The 389th FS "Thunderbolts" are comprised of approximately 400 airmen and more than 21 F-15E aircraft. The squadron is responsible for sustaining combat readiness to conduct a variety of short-notice contingency operations worldwide. The aircrew train and maintain world-class proficiency to accomplish a vast array of combat missions including close air support, interdiction, defensive counter-air, strategic attack, and suppression of enemy air defenses. The "T-Bolts" are capable of employing a full arsenal of weaponry including air-to-air missiles, 20mm gun, laser or GPS guided bombs, general purpose munitions, and stand-off weapons.

390th Electronic Combat Squadron (ECS)
The 390th ECS "Wild Boars" are tasked to man, train, and equip USAF aircrew to employ expeditionary U.S. Navy EA-18G Growlers in support of Unified Commanders' plans. This unique electronic attack capability is designed to degrade or destroy enemy air defense systems by suppression of enemy radars and communications with complex, directional jamming and High-Speed Anti-Radiation Missiles. The 390th ECS is assigned to the 366th Operations Group and is stationed at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, Washington.

391st Fighter Squadron (FS)
The 391st FS "Bold Tigers" is the largest fighter squadron in the USAF, comprised of more than 450 Airmen and more than 20 F-15E aircraft. The squadron is mission ready to plan and execute all-weather/night missions including self-escort interdiction, close air support, defensive counter-air, and suppression of enemy air defenses. The "Tigers" are capable of employing the full array of U.S. Air Force weaponry including air-to-air missiles, 20mm gun, laser-guided munitions, GPS guided munitions, general purpose munitions, and stand-off weapons.

428th Fighter Squadron (FS)
The 428th FS "Buccaneers" is the U.S. flagged flying squadron of the Peace Carvin V program, a long-term partnership with the Republic of Singapore. The squadron is dedicated to the training of Singaporean aircrew in the F-15SG, the country's newest fighter platform. The combined efforts of this program help ensure a strong U.S. relationship with Singapore, a critical partner in the region, while helping Singapore project airpower into the next generation.

366th Operation Support Squadron (OSS)
The 366th Operations Support Squadron "Pegasus" is responsible for all airfield activities and direct support to the 366th Fighter Wing's flying missions. The 366th OSS is a diverse squadron, consisting of more than 200 personnel in seven unique flights: Aircrew Flight Equipment; Airfield Operations, consisting of Air Traffic Control (tower), Radar Approach Control (RAPCON), and Airfield Management; Intelligence; Current Operations, consisting of range and airspace, scheduling, flight management; Weapons and Tactics; and Weather.

266th Range Squadron
The 266th RANS is an Idaho Air National Guard squadron responsible for providing quality electronic simulations of ground-based air defense threats on the Mountain Home Range Complex. Cowboy control, which is a division of the 266 RANS, exercises Positive Control of Mountain Home Range Complex and Saddle Airspace and also provides Ground Control Intercept (GCI) training support. Cowboy Control also provides GCI instruction for Republic of Singapore students.

726th Air Control Squadron
The 726th Air Control Squadron, "Hardrock", is a tenant unit of the 366th Operations Group. It reports to the 552d Air Control Group, 552d Air Control Wing, Tinker AFB, Oklahoma. As a Control and Reporting Center (CRC), they are responsible for mobile, decentralized command and control of joint operations by conducting threat warning, battle management, theater missile defense, weapons control, combat identification, and strategic communications. The 726 ACS is one of three USAF active-duty CRCs stationed in the United States, in recent years, Hardrockers have deployed on a sustained one-to-one dwell ratio in support of Operations IRAQI FREEDOM, ENDURING FREEDOM, NOBLE EAGLE and Air Defense of Arabian Gulf.