366th Fighter Wing invests in flight level leaders

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Xavier Wilson
  • 366th Fighter Wing

Officers and senior enlisted Gunfighters gathered at the Silver Sage Event Center Sept. 27, 2023 for the Gunfighter Leadership Course.

“The course’s objective is enhancing the abilities of students to lead and operate that foundational level of Air Force leadership,” said Maj. Nathaniel White, 366th Force Support Squadron commander. “The course challenges students to grow personally and professionally so they can thrive in a competitive, high ops-tempo environment while making a difference in people’s lives and the mission.”

Each member of this group of leaders was eager to learn. The course was a blend of classroom instruction, practical exercises and mentorship, all orchestrated to challenge and refine their leadership skills.

‘‘The course is crafted in a manner where each day builds upon the subsequent learning objectives. During Day one, students are presented information on the Air Force, flight culture and cognitive inventory. This day focuses on the students understanding the environment and themselves,” said White.

Day two focuses on how culture and their personalities as leaders influence the way they communicate. Finally, Day 3 culminates in capstone seminars focused on mission ownership, discipline scenarios, leading through crisis and record reviews. The third day provides the students an opportunity to apply the knowledge from days one and two with real-world scenarios.

After completing the course, graduates are trained to navigate complex challenges and inspire their teams with confidence.

“Successful mission command begins with our front-line leaders,” said Col. Isaac Bell, 366th Fighter Wing deputy commander. “We must deliberately develop Gunfighters to ensure they have the tools and feel empowered to lead through future challenges. The Flight Leadership Course is a key part of the comprehensive training program at the 366th Fighter Wing to achieve just that. I am proud of all our students who actively engaged with and challenged one another throughout the course, and also of our cadre of squadron commanders and senior enlisted leaders who provided exemplary mentorship and training.”