Gunfighter Innovation Cell develops agile power solution

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Kevin Martinez
  • 366th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

The 366th Fighter Wing’s Innovation Cell developed a Solar Portable Power Cell to provide a self-sufficient power source on deployed environments and field training exercises.


The 366th FW conducts a wide variety of field training exercises that require innovation and constant improvements to better carry out the mission.


“During a particular field training exercise we came across an issue, we had no projected power,” said Tech. Sgt. Steven Pyott, 366th FW Innovation Cell chief project officer. “All the electric equipment had to be charged at a building down range, we don’t have that luxury in a deployed environment.”


Pyott said he was tasked to find a way to provide electricity to the operation and instead of purchasing a solution, he decided to create one.


“When my commander tasked me with finding a solution to our power problem, he was inferring to buying a normal power generator, but what I heard was, ‘Hey, go make something cool,’” said Pyott.


Pyott created a prototype of the Solar Portable Power Cell which, during field testing, he identified some areas that could be refined to make the product an even greater success.


The current iteration of the SPPC is competing for grants such as Momentum Funds, Vice Chief’s Challenge ACE Initiative and an Army drone enhancement grant. The new SPPC is also competing in the U.S. Air Force Spark Tank.


“Innovation is a part of the Gunfighter DNA, this culture of innovation empowers Gunfighters to think outside the box and shape our future,” said Col. Isaac Bell, 366th FW vice commander. “The amazing innovations occurring both inside the Wing Innovation Cell, such as the fantastic capability being demonstrated here by Tech. Sgt. Pyott, and across the 366 Fighter Wing enable Airmen to better function in contested environments.  I am so incredibly proud of what Steven has accomplished.”


The U.S. Air Force Spark program intends to move individuals, units or wings forward to meet the challenges of warfighting in the 21st century and bring Airmen innovators together through connections, development and support.


The Gunfighter Innovation Cell encourages Airmen to challenge the norm by finding solutions to everyday problems so we can remain a step ahead of our adversaries and exemplify the agile mindset.


If you have a good idea or a problem that needs to be solved, contact the Gunfighter Innovation Cell at 728-GOOD (x4663) / 728-IDEA (4332) or drop your idea in our suggestion box.