Mission, Vision and Priorities

  • Published
  • 366th Fighter Wing

In 2022, there are several important milestones on the horizon, and as we approach each one, it may seem that there are multiple competing priorities. As the wing moves into the new year, Col. Ernesto DiVittorio, 366th Fighter Wing commander, unveiled a new mission, vision and priorities to ensure every gunfighter is on the same page with where we are headed and where we should focus our efforts and resources. Air Combat Command is currently in the process of transitioning from a season of experimentation to a season of standardization. What this means for the Gunfighters is that we have a lot of great lessons learned over the past several years to look back on and integrate in our plans as we move into our new phase.


Provide mission-ready Gunfighters to conduct military operations anytime, anywhere


To be the Nation’s most lethal and agile lead wing. One team consisting of empowered, innovative, and resilient Gunfighters.

The next phase in our organization’s evolution, will be to prepare us to seamlessly deploy as a lead wing while still prioritizing the care of our Airmen, civilians, contractors and their families. To ensure we are successful in our transition we have four priorities to guide our efforts.


  • Lethality: We live in an age of great power competition, in which our military advantage is no longer guaranteed. The future fight requires us to be a more lethal, resilient and agile force. To secure our military advantage, we will test ourselves in new environments, against emerging threats, and accelerate changes necessary to win. Readiness is inherent in lethality and Gunfighters will ensure that when the time comes for deployed operations, every Gunfighter is ready – including the team members and families we leave behind.
  • People: Our Airmen, civilians, contractors and families are our most valuable asset. While mission success is essential, we cannot successfully complete some of our most basic tasks if we are worried about our families. We will maintain a strong support network within units, across the base and within the community; so every Gunfighter is confident that their team has their back and they can focus on the mission.  
  • Cultivate Trust: Trust must be earned, and every Gunfighter is expected to promote trust in all relationships. A culture of trust includes treating all people with dignity and respect while supporting every Airman to expand their limits as they accomplish things they never thought possible. Trust requires transparency in decision-making when the mission permits. It reinforces trust between Airmen, supervisors and leaders so that Gunfighters are empowered to make decisions at the speed of relevancy.
  • Deliberate Development: We must have the right people in the right place at the right time, ready to face both anticipated and unexpected challenges. We will make every effort to tailor our development approach so that each Gunfighter is confident in their abilities to face any future challenge.

These words capture what we must do (mission), where we are going (vision), and those pillars upon which we rely (priorities),” DiVittorio said. “We are on the leading edge and it takes every single one of us to continue to propel the Gunfighters, the U.S. Air Force, and the United States forward. Airpower is a team effort, I look forward to leading this high performing team as we move forward together.”