Stress Management

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Antwain Hanks
  • 366 Fighter Wing

Most people can say 2020 was a stressful year. From COVID-19 to personal stressors most people’s day-to-day life has changed and they've been forced to accept the “new-norm”. Listed below are classes, courses and other resources available that can help Gunfighters and their families adjust to today's challenges.

The Liberty Chapel and mental health clinic are a couple ways Mountain Home AFB base offers avenues to help you deal with current and potential stress.

Family Advocacy offers a variety of services, including couples, marriage and daily counseling, along with classes in stress/anger management. To schedule and see what other options they have to offer, call 208-828-7226. The military family and life counselors on base also offer counseling options ranging from individuals, couples, divorce, depression and anxiety. Consulting can be done via telephone, video call or in person at a location other than the counselee’s house.

Aside from stress affecting you mentally, it also takes a toll on you spiritually. The Liberty Chapel on base offers services for everyone. Along with services they also offer religious education courses and counselling. The Chaplin is also available to talk about anything you want to with 100 percent confidentiality. To schedule an appointment or find out what more they have to offer, call 208-828-6417 and 208-828-5800 for the after-duty hours on-call Chaplin.

Not all available resources are outside your unit. If you are having a hard time enlisting help, or going to counseling at some of the sources listed above, your unit first sergeant is always available for you to come and talk to them. If you don't know who your First Sergeant is, ask your supervisor.

The resources that you have aren't limited to Mountain Home: websites, such as the Military OneSource and the CRISIS hotline, are available to you right at your fingertips. Military OneSource has resources that help you manage and negate problems like stress, finances and others. To reach Military OneSource and see what resources they have to offer, visit, or call 1-800-342-9647.

Along with Military OneSource, the national CRISIS hotline. This hotline is available to help people deal with depression and ways to manage it. They provide free 24/7 support to anyone in any type of mental health CRISIS via a median people can trust. To access, text 741 to 741 anywhere in the USA or Canada and text “shout” to 85258 if in the United Kingdom.

One of the Air Force top goals is to ensure the well-being of airmen and their families. There are many resources available to all military members, spouses, children and contractors. If you're feeling overly stressed or the weight is too much to bear, take advantage of these resources.