MHAFB officer spouses provide support to the local community

  • Published
  • By A1C Akeem Campbell
  • 366th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

With the current challenge of the COVID-19 affecting the country, a local group of officer spouses continue to provide support for the local community.

Mountain Home AFB officer spouses support the community through a variety of social and philanthropic missions. On March 1, to support the Elmore County Domestic Violence Council, they conducted a donation drive where anyone can donate items to help support the survivors of domestic violence.

“This was our first donation drive and the hope was to support a local organization or shelter that helps the community,” said Kristen Campbell.

In addition to helping the local community, they also supply clothing to aid those in need.

“Through our thrift store, we have donated nearly three tons of clothing each month to the Boise Rescue Mission,” said Nicole Hawkinson. “We have donated clothing to the 200 homeless veterans living in Boise with the help of the Veterans Hospital.”

Using the funds earned through the base thrift store, the spouses have provided charity through scholarships, donations and more.

 “Our most recent charity event was the 20th Annual Scholarship Auction on March 6,” Campbell said. “We raised over $22,000 in scholarships for military dependents and spouses to start or continue their education.”

The spouses also use social gatherings as a way to support the Mountain Home community including an outdoor adventure club, a dinner and a movie club and a craft club, as well as several others. However, given the COVID-19 pandemic, any special outdoor activities they had planned have been cancelled until further notice.

“We now have to meet virtually, instead of our regular in-person meetings,” Hawkinson said. “Our special activity groups have ceased.”

 Nonetheless, even amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the officer spouses continue to find ways to communicate and assist the Mountain Home community.

“This is only temporary, so while it will be different and a bit more challenging, it won’t stop us from voting on welfare requests and awarding very deserving scholarship recipients,” Campbell said. “Things may just need to be done virtually or in correspondence rather than in person.”