‘Gunfighter Dorms’: a must-have app for Airmen

  • Published
  • By Airman First Class Andrew Kobialka
  • 366th Fighter Wing Public Affairs
Finding new, innovative ways to enhance the quality of life for Airmen is on the forefront of the minds of supervisors across the Air Force. A duo of Gunfighter sergeants took this sentiment to heart and started working.
Staff Sgt. Alysha Henzler and Tech. Sgt. Daniel Johnson, 366th Fighter Wing Airmen dorm leaders, created an app called “Gunfighter Dorms” to specifically cater to the needs of Airmen in the dorms.
The app places a variety of tools at Airmen’s fingertips available 24/7.
“Airmen can put in work orders, submit feedback, look at upcoming social events, find useful contacts and many more resources in a one-stop-shop,” Henzler said.
Before the app, dorm residents had to visit the dorm office for all these resources, which became problematic when business hours didn’t match the variety of work schedules Airmen have.
“Now Airmen, regardless of scheduling, can submit work orders anytime, which will automatically populate in the ADL email to be processed the next business day,” Johnson said.
ADLs are not discouraging Airmen from visiting their office, rather they are empowering them with readily available resources, Henzler said.
The overarching purpose of developing the app was to create a convenient way to communicate with and educate Airmen in their preferred method: on their phones.
“Airmens’ phones are their main source of communication and they never leave them behind,” Johnson said. “This makes the app a far more viable resource compared to traditional paper resources.”
In an emergency the app can direct users to the appropriate contacts and can send push notifications to better ensure Airmen are informed and taken care of.
Additionally, “Gunfighter Dorms” can help inform inbound Airmen of what to expect when they arrive. Newcomers can view photos of their room layout before arrival so they can better plan their move. This was not an option before the app.
The ADLs have been working on developing the app for about a year.
“We took our time [developing the app] because we care,” Henzler said.  “We want this app to be a tool that improves the quality of life for our Airmen.”
Henzler said it feels like a weight has been lifted off of her shoulders and is excited to see how the app is received. However, she knows the work is not done.
“We want feedback so we know how to make improvements,” Henzler said.
The app, “Gunfighter Dorms”, is available for Android users and will soon be available for iPhone users.