ACC encourages deliberate mentorship of total force

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Daryl Knee
  • Air Combat Command Public Affairs

The Air Force is emphasizing the importance of deliberate development by encouraging mentorship of the total force.  Mentoring is an essential ingredient in developing well-rounded, professional and competent future leaders, and the overall goal of this drive is to help Airmen maximize their full potential.

The Air Force fosters a mentoring culture by encouraging and expecting Airmen to be mentors and mentees.  This culture enhances morale and discipline and improves the operational environment while maintaining respect for authority.  Mentoring is also an inherent responsibility of leadership. 

The key to the mentoring process is the direct involvement of commanders, directors and supervisors in the professional development of their people.  Leaders should continually challenge Airmen to achieve their individual and/or professional goals.

Mentoring is a priority for the Air Force as well as Air Combat Command and intentional steps must be taken to encourage the process.  The commander of Air Combat Command, General Mike Holmes, echoes the Air Force’s focus on mentorship by charging commanders to mentor their leaders on their responsibility to develop our Airmen, as one of his command’s strategic priorities. 

ACC’s emphasis on mentoring is for the big “A” in Airman, regardless of what type of attire the workforce wears to work (i.e., ABU, civilian attire, OCP, etc.).  This is an all-inclusive effort to embrace mentorship throughout the command. 

Mr. Bill Nolte, deputy chief of the Career Development Branch states, “Mentoring promotes professional development at every echelon and activity.” 

Mentoring is an ongoing process for building professional relationships that foster two-way communication concerning careers, competencies, behavior and organizational missions. Professional mentoring helps prepare Airmen for increased responsibilities, improves morale and unit cohesion, and enhances professional and individual development. 

Airmen who are looking to find a mentor are encouraged to start by visiting MyVECTOR and/or reviewing AFMAN 36-2643, Air Force Mentoring Program.  They can also visit the ACC mentoring guidance and resources portal page to access ACC’s mentor and mentee handbooks ( 

Other Resources

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