428th FS participates in Red Flag, wins award

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Andrew Kobialka
  • 366th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

A constant roar fills the air over Nellis Air Force Base, NV, as fighter jets from across the world zoom by. At ground level, airmen from multiple air forces cover the flightline as they prepare to receive their jets. They have all gathered at Nellis AFB to participate in the Red Flag exercise. However, one squadron is more familiar than the others.

The Republic Singapore Air Force’s 428th Fighter Squadron from Mountain Home Air Force Base, ID, is one of the participants at Red Flag the week of March 17.

Red Flag is Air Combat Command’s premiere air-to-air training exercise, said Lt. Col. Zachary D. “EASI” Manning, commander of the 64th Aggressor Squadron on Nellis. “We create a contested, degraded and operationally limited combat situation with GPS jamming, realistic air threats and surface-to-air systems to ensure our pilots are prepared for any adversary.”

Red Flag affords RSAF the opportunity to hone their operational capabilities and competencies through realistic training, said Lt. Col. Oon Kok Choon “Boomer”, 428th Fighter Squadron Peace Carvin 5 detachment commander.

“We can learn from other nation’s participating in the exercise as well as benchmark our capabilities against the leading air forces in the world,” Oon said.

Being here has been a great learning opportunity because RSAF can practice tactical planning with different nations, said 1st Lt. Chee Siong “Semi” Boey, 428th FS weapons system operator.
Understanding each nations capabilities allows us to create cohesive tactical plans that minimizes risk and ensures mission success.

“Being able to see up to 80 jets taking off one after another, then flying tactically and returning safely is a great achievement for everyone here,” Boey said.

According to Manning, from the perspective of conducting 15 Red Flags, the 428th FS is doing excellent.

“When we do a God’s eye playback of how the fights went, they are executing in a very good manner,” Manning said in reference to the 428th FS. “Their air-to-air tactics are what we expect from a competent air force. We are very pleased with their level of performance.”

While at Red Flag, RSAF won Red Flag Outstanding Unit and had several top performers from their air crew.

“I’d like to extend my gratitude to the USAF for hosting RSAF,” Oon said. “The frequent interaction with the USAF has enhanced our interoperability. I am proud of our team for their dedication to maintain our high standards and for obtaining mission success both efficiently and safely.”