We are just like you

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Ashley Maldonado
  • 20th Fighter Wing Public Affairs
Rigid structure, aircraft and guns. These are some examples of what many people may think of when they hear about the military.

Many forget that outside the uniform, military members are regular people, too. Just like everyone else, they have fears, hobbies and family.

“I guess we are kind of seen in a certain light, but we are just regular people for the most part; just going to work, doing our job and going back home,” said Staff Sgt. Michael Kymes, 20th Contracting Squadron contracting officer. “We’re not superheroes.”

Many service members share the same hobbies as many civilians, such as cooking, photography, fishing and more.

Kymes states he is a motorcycle enthusiast, recently buying a new motorcycle as a deployment gift to himself. He and his brother take long trips together and camp along their journeys.

Those who see military members doing the same hobbies they do may never even know they don a uniform and serve the nation.

“Before joining the military, I always thought military members had a lot of courage, and I didn’t realize how much work they did to just get the job that they have now,” said Airman 1st Class Noah Rachau, 20th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron crew chief. “I had eight months of schooling, including basic training, before my job even started. It’s a lot of work, sacrifice and time away from your family.”

Rachau went on to say he did not realize how much everybody relies on each other in the military before he joined.

“Well, depending on where you work, especially my field, we rely a lot on other backshops,” Rachau said. “It’s one giant family where everybody is trying to accomplish the same thing, working towards one goal, and it's pretty nice.”