MHAFB releases annual Drinking Water Consumer Confidence Report

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  • 366th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

Officials at Mountain Home Air Force Base have released the annual Drinking Water Consumer Confidence Report.

The report indicates in calendar year 2017, the base water system produced high-quality water and met Environmental Protection Agency standards to ensure all consumers receive safe drinking water. Included in the report are details about where local base water comes from, what it contains, and how it compares to EPA and state standards.

Last year, Bioenvironmental Engineering conducted more than 710 tests for over 83 contaminants. Of these, only one contaminate, nitrates, were detected at levels above the EPA maximum contaminant level at an isolated location on base. Employees of the location were previously advised in 2016 not to drink the water from the identified water well and were supplied with bottled water for all drinking needs. In addition, the well was shut down and the water was unavailable for consumption. More information can be found in Section IV, Compliance Violations and Section VI, Level of Detected Contaminants, of this report.

Hard copies of this CCR can be obtained at the following MHAFB locations: front desk of the base library, Child Development Center, Gunfighter Fitness Center, Wagon Wheel Dining Facility, Balfour Beatty Housing Office and waiting areas throughout the base medical treatment facility. An electronic copy can also be found on the MHAFB website at

For questions contact Bioenvironmental Engineering at 208-828-7270 or DSN 728-7270.