MXG armament Airmen keep Gunfighters battle ready

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Chester Mientkiewicz
  • 366th Fighter Wing Public Affairs
366th Equipment Maintenance Squadron armament Airmen fix and repair weapon systems to keep the gunfighters ready to fight.

The 366th EMS support the 389th and 391st Fighter Squadron, weapons personnel. They maintain bomb racks, launchers and gun systems. Their duties also include loading, unloading and positioning munitions on aircraft; and adjusting or installing fuses, boosters, and delay elements in conventional munitions.

“We feel real close to the mission,” said Staff Sgt. James Poole, 366th EMS armament supervisor. “Our own hands have a role in fixing these parts.”

When a mission involves dropping bombs, everything needs to be in perfect working order. Staff Sgt. Ayla Bermudez, 366th EMS armament support supervisor, explained the importance of precision in her job.

“It’s a very detailed oriented job,” Bermudez said, “You can’t miss a step or it could potentially cause a disaster.”

These specialists ensure that explosive devices can be accurately delivered to a target.

“I have a real sense of pride in what I do,” Poole said. “It’s hard, not everyone can be a weapons crew member.”

Bermudez said she is honored to do her part in supporting Air Force operations.

“Supporting the shop that fixes the equipment that help the pilots drop bombs is fulfilling,” Bermudez said.

One of the 366th EMS armament’s missions is to ensure the bombs they prepare safely and accurately launch from an aircraft when a pilot pulls the trigger.

“We have a great impact on the Air Force,” Poole said. “Without weapons it’s just another aircraft.”