Holiday tips from security forces

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  • By Staff Reports
  • 366th Security Forces Squadron
The holiday season can be the happiest time of year for many, but some will unfortunately be the victims of crime or involved in a traffic accident. Taking appropriate steps can ensure you and your family stay safe. Here are some tips to help you and your family have safe and happy holidays.

When out shopping for those wonderful presents:

- Park in well lit areas, place valuables and shopping bags out of sight, and lock your doors.
- Stay off the phone and pay attention to your surroundings walking to and from your vehicle.
- Don’t hesitate to ask Mall Security or a Police Officer for an escort to your car if you feel uneasy or if suspicious people are lingering around your vehicle.
- Keep purses and shopping bags close to your body. Shorten the straps if they are long.
- Be aware of potential thieves when using ATMs.
- Have your keys out and ready before you get to your car.

To protect the presents and beautiful decorations at home:

- Always lock your doors and shut your garage.
- Try to be home when deliveries arrive. Notes left for drivers tell burglars you aren’t home.
- Criminals don’t like well-lit areas so leave the lights on inside and outside.
- Leaving a TV or radio on will make it sound like someone is home.
- Don’t leave large amounts of presents visible from the windows.
- If leaving town, ask a friend or neighbor to pick up your mail and bring the trashcans in.
- Be aware criminals sometimes pose as couriers or solicitors for charity. - - They may even use children to knock! They could be casing your house and checking to see if anyone is home.

Staying safe while driving during the holiday season:

- Make sure you are well rested before a long road trip and don’t forget to check the weather.
- Drive the conditions of the road based on what you and your vehicle can handle.
- Enjoy those holiday parties, but always use a designated driver or taxi. - - You may feel sober enough to drive but not be under the legal limit. A taxi from Boise to Mountain Home is cheaper than the legal fees for a DUI. - Have a plan and stick to it!

Important Phone Numbers:
Police, Fire, or Medical Emergency: 911
Security Forces Non-Emergency: 208-828-2256, Opt 1
Boise Police Non-Emergency: 208-377-6790
Mountain Home Police Non-Emergency: 208-587-2100