Welcome to Mountain Home AFB

Gunfighters are Legendary!

For more than 70 years, Airmen—Active Duty, Reserve, Guard, and Civilian—and their families have proudly served at Mountain Home Air Force Base. Although the 366th Fighter Wing, like the base, has a rich heritage going back to World War II, the wing was not located in Idaho until the end of the Vietnam War. In fact, innovative Airmen of the 366th Tactical Fighter Wing earned our "Gunfighter" nickname while stationed at Da Nang Air Base, Vietnam, in 1967. Pilots were missing opportunities to shoot down enemy MiGs because the missiles were ineffective at short ranges and the F-4C lacked a gun. Working together, operators and maintainers mounted external 20-millimeter Gatling gun pods underneath the F-4Cs and developed new tactics, enabling pilots to score four MiG kills in one month. The wing received a Presidential Unit Citation for shooting down 11 enemy aircraft in a three-month period; but, even more important, we became forever known as the Gunfighters—an innovative, adaptive, resilient and proud team.

Every Gunfighter is Essential!

Every time a U.S. F-15E Strike Eagle or Republic of Singapore F-15SG successfully launches from our airfield, our team is achieving not only the Gunfighter’s mission, but the missions of our United States Air Force and our respective Nations. We serve to fight and win our Nations’ wars today and in the future.

As representatives of our great Nations, we recognize that our team is much bigger than the 366th Fighter Wing. The community of Mountain Home is extremely supportive of the military and our base. The State of Idaho was the first in the Union to sign a proclamation declaring an entire year in support of the military family. You will find there are many service agencies and neighbors on base and in the local community who are willing to assist you and your family.

Fortune Favors the Bold!

While great fortune is the bounty for bold action on the fields of battle, bold Airmen are essential to develop and sustain a culture of respect and dignity. Through self-respect and respect for one another, Gunfighters build bonds of trust and a wealth of resilience which will favor us in every challenge and against every adversary. There is no such thing as a lowly Airman. We will never leave a fellow Airman behind.

Sustaining our proud heritage also requires the courage to live a balanced life—service, family, community, and self. Idaho and the great northwest are an amazing place in which to live and work. Whether you like the city life or the great outdoors, take advantage of the opportunities here. Fishing, hunting, hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, whitewater rafting, music concerts, delicious food, and other activities are nearby, many within an hour drive.

Welcome to Gunfighter Country!

You are now part of the Gunfighter legacy.

Ride Hard, Shoot Straight and Always Speak the Truth!

Commander, 366th Fighter Wing

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