Getting Started

PCS season is a hectic, busy time, and proper planning makes sure you get your household goods where they need to be, when they need to be there. The first step after you've been notified of a PCS is to give a copy of your orders to Personal Property (Bldg. 512, Room 268) no later than 30 days prior to requesting your desired pack and pick-up dates.

The next step is to register an account with and speak to Personal Property about the moving process. Although self-counseling is an option, getting counseling on the moving process from Personal Property experts will be a big step towards a smooth transition. Counseling is usually done via email, but can be done in person if requested.

Remember, your Personal Property team is here to ensure your move to your new assignment is as comfortable as possible. Contact them at (208) 828-1466 to set up your appointment.

Preparing for your PCS

There are a few things to consider and prepare for before your household goods can be shipped. Make sure Personal Property has a copy of your orders and you've started the counseling process. You'll also need to be flexible with your desired pack and pick-up dates; PCS season is busy for everyone, and it will take some flexibility to ensure your household goods are picked up in time. You'll receive a confirmation email once the dates have been confirmed.

You'll also need to make sure your home is ready for the movers. This means your home needs to be clean, organized and free of any pest-infestations; this also means your laundry and dishes need to be clean and organized prior to the packing process. Movers can refuse to pack and pick up your goods if this isn't done! In the event the movers refuse to pack something, you'll be responsible for the excess cost of their trip to your home.

Lastly, make sure you keep any professional or military gear separate from your regular household goods if you're PCSing, separating or retiring. Active duty members are authorized to claim up to 2000 pounds of professional books, paper and equipment that won't count towards your authorized shipping weight limit, and spouses can claim an additional 500 pounds. This is called your "Pro Gear", and must be identified to the movers when they arrive. Contact Personal Property for any restrictions that may apply.

The attached briefs are used for PCS/retirement from Mountain Home AFB. For any questions please contact the legal office at 208-828-2238.
Smooth move slides(ppt)  (After completing the smooth move brief, please email the certificate to the legal office .)
Post Government Employment Handbook (If reviewing the post government employment brief, please alert the legal office if any of the material applies to you.)

Your rights

After you get to your new home, you can expect a few things when your household goods arrive. For example, your movers are required to fully unpack your personal property shipments and remove all packing debris (boxes, bubble-wrap, paper, etc.) when they're done. You can, however, refuse this service and unpack your own boxes, but clean-up will be your responsibility.

If your household goods are late, you may also be entitled to a small inconvenience claim. For example, this claim can reimburse you if you needed to rent any appliances while waiting for your goods to arrive. Also, it's your right to document and file a claim if you believe any of your property was damaged in the move. All claims are handled by your carrier, but be sure to contact your Personal Property office for guidance and advice.

Finally, you need to provide feedback to both your gaining personal property office and your movers. This helps the DoD find and use movers that are efficient, reliable and professional. It's also your chance to tell the movers how well they did, so make sure you're completely honest!

Signing A Lease?
Are you considering signing a lease? If you have questions about your rights under the Service Member's Civil Relief Act including early termination due to PCS or deployments, please contact the 366th Fighter Wing Legal Office at 208-828-2238 or visit them at their office in Building 512.

DITY (Do It Yourself) Moves

You may have an option to save both yourself and the Air Force money by moving yourself. It's called a DITY or Do It Yourself move. If you choose this option, you'll be responsible for getting your goods to where they're going, but you'll also receive an incentive payment based on the net weight of your move. Contact Personal Property at (208) 828-1466 to see if you qualify.