Mountain Home Contracting Opportunities

The 366 Contracting Squadron provides business advice and strategy to manage the overall base acquisition program for the 366th Fighter Wing. This 40+ member squadron is responsible for all aspects of planning, award, administration and oversight of centralized and decentralized contracting programs worth more than $50M annually in support of host, tenant and satellite units. They ensure high quality, timely, and cost effective support consistent with federal acquisition regulations and public law, while also advocating for small business and seeking opportunities to increase competition. Highly trained and certified squadron Airmen deploy worldwide for contingency operations in support of Combatant Command (COCOM) warfighter requirements spanning a full spectrum of AF, Joint and Coalition missions.

Business Opportunities

All of the 366th Contracting Squadron business opportunities are posted to the Federal Business Opportunities site. The link below allows you to view most of the Federal Government procurements on a single website.


GPC Program

Notice to vendors:Vendors who wish to provide information to Government Purchase Card (GPC) personnel at Mountain Home are requested to provide an e-mail to the GPC Manager via Email Support:

Small Business Info

Competitive and competent small business firms who can supply the products and services we need, are always welcome. Interested businesses must begin by learning how the Department of Defense conducts its business and by seeking out those military purchasing offices which need the supplies and services they can furnish.
If you have any questions, please call (208) 828-3100. 

Contact Info

Phone Numbers: 
Director of Business Operations 
(208) 828-3100
Government Purchase Card Manager 
(208) 828-6617
Plans and Programs Flight Chief
(208) 828-3123 
Acquisition Flight A Chief
(208) 828-3103 
Leader, Team 1 (Services)
(208) 828-3102
Leader, Team 2 (Commodities)
(208) 828-6470
Acquisition Flight B Chief (Construction)
(208) 828-2664

366th Contracting Squadron 
366 Gunfighter Ave, Suite 498 
Mountain Home AFB, ID 83648-5258

Fax Numbers 
Plans and Programs (208) 828-3246
Services (208) 828-6486
Commodities (208) 828-2658
Construction (208) 828-4031

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