Current as of 25 Nov at 10:09 a.m.

---Mountain Home AFB: HPCON BRAVO has been implemented

-UPDATE to Facilities on Base October 06,2020

(New Updates)
-DEFAC- Seating open/Social Distancing Applies, as of September 08,2020

The 366th FW/CC has directed implementation of HPCON BRAVO.

• In consultation with medical leadership, the installation commander has changed the MHAFB HPCON level from CHARLIE to BRAVO effective immediately.
• At the discretion of facility owners, in person dining at AAFES, DFAC, and FSS facilities is authorized with social distancing measures in place. At the discretion of facility owners and once cleaning measures are in place, gym showers, the Airmen center, recreational swimming, and the kid’s gymnasium may resume operations.
• Maintain appropriate physical distancing (6 feet or more) and precautionary measures (hand hygiene, staying home when ill, etc.) with persons outside of the household.
See Idaho Rebounds: Our Path to Prosperity for additional details as required:

---WOC Directive: COVID19-20-19-Travel and Leave Guidance





Unit Commanders or equivalent (not delegated lower) are authorized to approve travel outside of the local area via leave or pass without using an exception to policy request. MHAFB's local area is defined as "<10 hours driving distance from the installation, following posted speed limits".  Unit Commanders may impose more restrictive local area distance guidelines for their units. 

In addition, for members traveling outside of the local area Commanders and supervisors will:
- Refer Service members to Public Health should they display any fever or other symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or if they have had close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 within the past 14 days.

- Conduct a health status assessment before member departs on leave or pass. Members will re-complete the health status assessment with their supervisor or commander prior to returning to duty.

- Review all Service members' travel itineraries before the member proceeds on leave or pass status.

- Brief members on how to self-monitor and what actions to take if the member becomes ill while on leave.

- Ensure member reviews state restrictions or requirements for their leave location.

- Establish a means of communication with all Service members throughout the period of leave and the post-travel process and prescribe actions for their particular circumstances.

Per the 29 Jun 20 "Exemption of Authorized Leave for Department of Defense Service Members from Coronavirus Disease 2019 Personnel Movement and Travel Restrictions" memorandum:

Leave travel for DoD Service members is exempt from the 22 May 2020 "Transition to Conditions-based Phased Approach to COVID-19 Personnel Movement and Travel Restrictions."

---PLEASE READ-------WOC Directive/ June 26, 2020--- (Restriction from patronizing all bars and nightclubs)
The number of COVID-19 infections reported to Central District Health since June 11, 2020, has significantly increased compared to the previous thirty-day time period. Epidemiological investigations conducted by Central District Health of infected individuals provides an association of a large number of infections in patrons and employees of Ada County bars and nightclubs and increased community transmission.
Effective immediately, consistent with Central Health District orders for Ada County, military personnel assigned or TDY to Mountain Home AFB (in any duty status) are restricted from patronizing all bars and nightclubs. Personnel are also strongly discouraged from attending any other public venues where you cannot maintain safe physical distancing, or venues where other members of the public are also not acting in a safe, distanced manner around you.
Dependents and government civilian employees are encouraged to abide by these same safety practices.

For Mountain Home AFB WOC Directive - 16:WOC Directive-16 /June 19, 2020
Severity: Informational  Type: Other

DoD is continuously assessing the conditions for travel at all installations, and the states/countries to which our members may desire to travel. The DoD Installation assessments are published on MyPers at: https://mypers.af.mil/app/answers/detail/a_id/47788

All PCSs and TDYs require an ETP unless determined otherwise by MPF. If you have a question about PCS or TDY, contact MPF.

MHAFB’s local area is defined as <10 hours driving distance from the installation, following posted speed limits. Travel is authorized within the local area for regular passes, special passes or leave, as long as the destination and any “through” locations are green (country/state) as determined by DoD at the time of departure.

Supervisors may also approve leave outside of the local area as long as the destination and any “through” locations are green (country/state) as determined by DoD at the time of departure.

Any travel that proceeds to or through a non-green location requires an ETP.

Commanders are authorized and responsible to monitor members’ location, activities, and risk measures.

Commanders are encouraged to consult with Public Health while considering members’ travel to higher risk areas.

-The FW/CC has rescinded WOC Directive - 15

For more info, click here. 

Local Mission Update: Phase 3 in effect 1 June (See updates below in DROP DOWNS under INFORMATION)

Base Access Information
-CONTRACTORS, work with your contracting officer or FAS for base access.
 -All other visitors should be in line with Gov. Little's (Phases Plan) found here: https://coronavirus.idaho.gov/stay-heathy-order

Town Hall Questions & Answers
The following questions were asked during the live Town Hall event on the
Mountain Home Air Force Base Gunfighters Facebook page on 12 May 2020: HERE

"April 16, Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness Matthew Donovan signed a department-wide authorization for service members to accrue and retain an additional leave balance of up to 120 days. The department's actions to stem the spread of COVID-19 has significantly limited the ability of service members to take leave during this national emergency, and we know that leave is vital to the health and welfare of our force.
The memo can be found here.




Health Protective Measures Graphic



Military Health System (MHS) Nurse Advice Line:
1-800-TRICARE (1-800-874-2273)
- Answer your health care questions
- Assess your symptoms and provide recommendations for the most appropriate level of care

366th Medical Treatment Facility (MTF) Appointment Line:
- Assess your symptoms
- Schedule an appointment with your primary care manager
- Answer questions about quarantine guidance

Idaho Central District Health (CDH) Call Center:
- Idaho state and regional information on COVID-19
- Idaho monitoring and tracking of COVID-19