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Intramural Softball 

Important Update on Mass Tuition Assistance Briefings 


Sick Call Information


366th Medical Group Training Day  




  Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) dates 13 May – 28 June 2024, Your Opinion is Powerful!


Optometry has Gap in Coverage 

ROUTINE EYE EXAMS – Options for Active-Duty Members:

Option 1:  Wait until the new AD provider starts seeing patients again (approximately August 2024).

Option 2:  Receive a referral to see a local civilian optometrist.

                   (Unlike dependents, AD members DO require a referral to get a routine eye exam off base.)

Referral process:

1.  Contact the Mountain Home AFB Optometry clinic to request a referral.

2.  Once you have a referral, schedule an eye exam (make sure the provider still accepts TRICARE).

3.  After the exam, bring your glasses prescription to the Optometry Clinic so we can order any glasses or inserts that you require.  (The only free glasses are those located in the Optometry Clinic.  Any glasses purchased from a civilian source are at the member’s own expense.)

4.  Make sure your civilian eye exam chart notes are sent to Medical Records located on the second floor of the 366 Medical Group.


1.  Contact lens fittings and contact lens purchases are NOT covered by TRICARE (unless you have certain pathological eye conditions. See  If you receive a contact lens prescription renewal as part of your civilian eye exam, you will be charged for the fitting fee as well as the contact lens purchase.

2.  You may have to activate your referral. Please reach out to referral management (contact information below) for referral questions.

3.  Occupational health exams WILL still be available at the Optometry clinic (visual acuity testing, color vision testing, flight line driver’s license evaluations, initial laser screenings).

Contact Information:

366 OMRS - MDG Optometry clinic

(208) 828-7250

366 HCOS - MDG Patient Records office

(208) 828-7501

366 HCOS - MDG Referral Management

(208) 828-7301

TRICARE Referrals and Pre-Authorizations



366 FW SAPR Office has a New Office Org Email Box 

The 366 FW SAPR office has a new office org email box. The Org box should be used to send information intended for the whole SAPR team.  We have verified that encrypted email can be sent and received in the Org Box and can be used to send/receive PII messages. is the Org box email address.


If you need to message an individual member of the SAPR team, please see below.


Kathy Miller, SARC


Alisha Elledge, Victim Advocate


Chris Meza, Victim Advocate


Rachel McFarland, Victim Advocate


Krystle Sears, Victim Advocate


Airman Leadership School Awarded Credits for CCAF has Changed

After an evaluation of Airman Leadership School curriculum, Air University has determined that ALS credit awarded has changed from 10 credits to 4 credits. Please review the dates below to see how many credits you earned based on your graduation date. If you have any questions, please contact the Education Center to review your degree audit.

8 credits: 1 Feb 21 – 14 Mar 22 (no changes)

10 credits: 15 Mar 22 to 18 Jan 24

4 credits: 19 Jan 24 to ongoing


Refrigerator/Freezer Disposal 

Getting rid of your personal or Workcenter refrigerator, freezer?  The Bennett Road Transfer Station in Mountain Home will accept your refrigerator or freezer for recycling but will charge $26.75 which includes a processing fee for freon and oil removal.  The Bennett Transfer station accepts cash, check, credit card and Government Purchase Card for payment.

Please note bulk refrigerator, freezer turn-ins are limited to 10 units at a time.

Bennett Road Transfer Station location and contact info:

6100 SE County Landfill Rd, Mountain Home, ID 83647

Hours of Operation: Mon-Sat 8am-5pm


Controlled Unclassified Information



Encrypting Emails Sent to DHA Emails

Auto Hobby Shop Cleanup

If you have ANY personal property old or new; staged, stored, what-have-you, at Bldg. 2209 (The Auto Hobby Shop,) please contact the Shop Staff. Contact Joe Woolston or Jerry Richardson during their regular business hours at 208-828-2295 or email Joe at, to reclaim responsibility for your property. Please come tag, bag, and identify what’s yours. We’re trying to spring clean and will dispose of abandoned parts, fluids, items, etc. starting 1 April.


First-Aid Recall 




Installation Voting Office 


All military members, eligible family members and overseas US citizens are encouraged to fill out and submit a new Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) to their election office every January to “register” and “apply” for the absentee ballot for the calendar year.

It is important to complete a new FPCA annually, and every time a person moves to ensure ballots for unscheduled or special elections are sent in a timely manner depending on the state.

Federal Voting Website:

Reach out to your squadron Unit Voting Assistance Officer(s) with any voting questions, or the Installation Voting Office @ 208-828-2458.

Being registered ensures you will be able to participate in upcoming scheduled elections.

**General Election November 5th**



Annual Safety Fair

Civil Air Patrol 

CMSgt Travis Patterson (, Brigadier General (ret) William Marshall ( and Lt Col (ret) Ted Thompson ( are starting an U.S. Civil Air Patrol every Wednesday at the Airmen's Center at the Gunfighter Fitness Center from 1830-2100. If you’re interested in a career in aviation, aeronautical engineering and physical fitness with discipline, then come check it out!



Ditchin' The Dorms 


Resume Writing 


TAP Taking the First Step 


Study Habits Class 


Golf Tournament 



21 June  |  Closed All Day
If you have any questions or need childcare assistance, please reach out to the CDC, Youth Center or your First Sgt. 
The Military Service Station Closure

The Military Service Station will be closed for maintenance from 29 May – 29 June. Both Regular Unleaded and Diesel fuels will be unavailable at the pumps during this timeframe. The POL flight will be augmenting the capabilities with their mobile refueling trucks parked in the POL parking yard across the street from the Service Station. They will strictly be adhering to the below schedule. If emergency support is needed outside of these hours, please call Fuels Service Center (FSC) at 728-6000.


Dates of Closure : 29 May – 29 June 2024

Location of Mobile Refueling trucks: POL Refueling Parking Yard ( across the street from the Service Station).

Weekday servicing hours: 0700-0900 and 1400-1600.

Weekend servicing hours: 0900-1100.


Any questions or concerns can be directed to the Fuels Service Center at 728-6000.






Crossing Guards Needed!

MHAFB Resident Council, the School Liaison Officer and SFS are looking for volunteers to help keep our Stephenson Elementary students safe on their walks to and from school each day!  We are looking for volunteers to fill the rest of the semester.  We have 4 slots per day that need to be filled (two crossing walk locations, morning and afternoon shifts). We will send out another sign up for the second semester. 

If you, or your organization, are interested in a volunteering for a shift please sign up using this link:

Please reach out to Ms. Domineek Haag, School Liaison Officer, via phone 208-828-6206 or email or Courtney Lewis, Privatized Housing Resident Advocate, via phone 208-828-2018 or email with any questions or concerns.  Thank you for helping us keep our youngest Gunfighters safe!


The Airmen Against Drunk Driving (AADD)

The Airmen Against Drunk Driving (AADD) Council is looking for volunteers! DUI's and drunk driving are an ongoing concern, and this council’s mission is to minimize this by providing our Wingmen a safe way home.

Volunteers can choose to drive or dispatch between the hours of 2200 - 0300 Friday and Saturday nights every weekend. If you're interested or want more information on the volunteer positions please email the council members at Volunteers can sign up using the QR code attached or the link below.

We are still in the process of rebranding the AADD council and are open to all ideas to help our program help our Airmen. Let us know how we can better serve you all!

If you need AADD services (10pm-3am Fri&Sat), call (208) 828-2233. Outside AADD hours email A1C Herrarte,



Please submit content for Gunfighter Announcements by noon on the last duty of the week to be included in the weekly emails. Send us the 5W’s along with the point of contact(s).

Late submissions will be included in the following weeks email.