School Liaison Program Manager (SLPM)



The School Liaison Program Manager (SLPM) is the central point of contact for school-related matters between commanders, military families, and local school systems. The SLPM is a member of the Child and Youth Program and is here to help you and your child with all your schooling needs.



The SLPM offers a wide spectrum of services to include:

  • School Transition Services
  • Support for Inbound/Outbound Transfers
  • Local School Resources
  • Special Needs District and Community Contacts
  • Military and Community Resources
  • Base Leadership, School and Community Coordination
  • Partnerships in Education
  • Post-Secondary Preparation
  • Home School Support

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School Liaison Program Manager
Phone: 208-599-0412
DSN: 828-6206

Special Needs Identification & Assignments Coordinator:

EFMP/Family Support:


The Homeschool Support Group is active on base and meets every month except June and July. Contact the School Liaison Program Manager for more information.