366th Fighter Wing A-Staff


"Ride hard, shoot straight, and always speak the truth"
Leading the way in innovation, 366 FW’s redesign of the Wing organization empowers Squadrons to work directly with Wing headquarters for quicker decision- making and more efficient resolution of challenges. 


A-Staff Agencies

A1 – Manpower, Personnel, & Services: Responsible for the oversight and execution of the base- wide manpower, Civilian personnel, and deployment of base-wide personnel. 

A2 – Intelligence, Surveillance, & Reconnaissance: Responsible for providing all intelligence support to the Wing. 

A3/5 – Operations, Plans, & Requirements: Supports current and future operations and planning for the Wing. 

A4 – Maintenance & Logistics: Coordinates logistics and prioritizes aircraft maintenance planning and execution across the complex.

A6/7 – Communications, Installation, & Security: Provides base operating support program execution and guidance. 


366 FW Chief of Staff
DSN: 312-728-2283/4554

A1 Director - Manpower, Personnel, & Services
DSN: 312-728-2201

A2 Director - Intelligence, Surveillance, & Reconnaissance
DSN: 312-728-2691/2692

A3/5 Director - Operations, Plans, & Requirements
DSN: 312-728-6391

A4 Director - Maintenance & Logistic
DSN: 312-728-3746

A6/7 Director - Communications, Installation, & Security
DSN: 312-728-6366