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366th Maintenance Squadron 
The 366th EMS provides safe and reliable on/off equipment maintenance for more than 60 F-15E/SG aircraft. The squadron includes more than 400 personnel in 11 career fields assigned to aerospace ground equipment, armament, fabrication, munitions and maintenance flights. The squadron ensures readiness of personnel and equipment to support combat aircrew training and execute deliberate and contingency plans worldwide.

366th Munitions Squadron 
The 366th CMS provides safe and reliable on and off aircraft equipment maintenance in support of more than 60 F-15 E/SG aircraft. The squadron includes over 200 personnel in 10 career fields assigned to Accessories (which includes Egress, Electro-Environmental, Fuels & Hydraulic sections), Avionics, Propulsion and Test, Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment Flights. The squadron maintains personnel and equipment readiness to support deliberate and contingency plans worldwide.

366th Civil Engineer Squadron
The 366th CES is a 300-person squadron directly supporting F-15E operations of the 366th Fighter Wing by improving, maintaining and operating more than 844 housing units, 599 dorm rooms, and more than 873 facilities, including all infrastructure. CES provides fire protection, disaster preparedness, explosive ordnance disposal, and maintains readiness for a more than 200-person mobility commitment. The squadron manages a $200 million design and construction program.

366th Communications Squadron
The 366th CS provides combat-ready command and control communication, computer systems, visual information, and information management services to the 366th FW including three flying squadrons and nearly 5,000 personnel. The 366 CS maintains combat-ready forces in support of Air Force and Joint Chiefs of Staff taskings. Also provides communications-computer services to Portland International Airport, Oregon.

366th Financial Acquisition Squadron (Contracting) 
366th FAS (Contracting) professionals provide business advice and strategy to manage the overall base acquisition program for the 366th Fighter Wing. This 40+ contracting team is responsible for all aspects of planning, award, administration and oversight of centralized and decentralized contracting programs worth more than $50M annually in support of host, tenant and satellite units. They ensure high quality, timely, and cost effective support consistent with federal acquisition regulations and public law, while also advocating for small business and seeking opportunities to increase competition. Highly trained and certified squadron Airmen deploy worldwide for contingency operations in support of Combatant Command (COCOM) warfighter requirements spanning a full spectrum of AF, Joint and Coalition missions.

366th Force Support Squadron
The 366th FSS ensures complete customer service for all personnel in the 366th FW. The squadron provides quality military and civilian personnel services, education and counseling services, family support programs, First Term Airman Center program and the Airman Leadership School program to all commanders and unit personnel. Provides mobility support and maintains readiness of deployable teams. The squadron enhances combat readiness, retention and morale through programs promoting well-being and quality of life for the 366th Fighter Wing and its personnel and dependents. The 366th FSS is responsible for dining, lodging, fitness, honor guard, family member programs, leisure activities and mortuary affairs. It maintains readiness for an approximately 100 person mobility commitment. It administers an annual budget of appropriated/non-appropriated funds totaling $8 million.

366th Logistics Readiness Squadron 
The 366th LRS provides worldwide logistics support for the wing's F-15E aircraft and Expeditionary Combat Support Units. It administers a $15 million stock fund, $1.7 million budget, three supply accounts valued at more than $800 million and a 4.5 million gallon fuels storage area. The squadron operates and maintains a 430-vehicle fleet worth about $36 million. The Air Transportation Function executes movements for more than 5,500 passengers and 60 C-5 equivalent (120 C-17) loads of cargo. The Traffic Management Office directs Personal Property shipments for three states, 47 counties, totaling 128,866 square miles, and is responsible for distributing over 3,000 aircraft parts world-wide, planning shipments for 270 tons of cargo valued at $113 million facilitating flying operations across 294 installations.

366th Security Forces Squadron
Members of the 366th SFS deploy in support of worldwide JCS force protection commitments. The squadron provides in-garrison force protection technical expertise, oversight of the integrated base defense program and guidance on all security matters for assigned protection level resources and 12,300 military personnel, family members and DOD civilians. The squadron conducts Expeditionary Combat Skills training for wing personnel.

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