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  • COMACC focuses on CSS re-establishment

    Gen. Mike Holmes, commander of Air Combat Command, has emphasized an initiative to utilize ACC’s A1, Manpower, Personnel and Services directorate, to re-establish commander support staffs in squadrons across the command.
  • 726th ACS gives Red Flag eyes over the NTTR

    The 726th Air Control Squadron (ACS) are providing comprehensive radar coverage on the Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR) for all the pilots flying in Red Flag 19-2 this month.
  • Women’s History Month: Honoring Airmen past and present

    Everyday women continue to make great contributions to our society and make history in our military. Today, over 100,000 women serve our Air Force and continue to honor our country and those who have served in the past with their accomplishments.
  • Introducing the 366th Financial Acquisition Squadron

    Comptrollers and contractors alike came together to create the first ever Financial Acquisition Squadron, March 14, 2019, at Mountain Home Air Force Base.
  • MHAFB 366th LRS new tool proves the benefits of innovation

    366th LRS is among the first squadrons in the Air Force to begin testing an all-in-one diagnostic tool that eliminates the need to have many versatile tools and regularly outsourced vehicle maintenance.
  • 366th FW Marquee sortie message: What does it mean?

    The marquee message is designed to let the base populace know how many sorties each fighter squadron has to complete to reach their monthly goal.
  • HVAC team ensures heat effeciency, builds portable boiler system

    The 366th Civil Engineer Squadron's Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning team is improving heating conditions throughout the base with their new and improved water boiler trailer that is specifically designed to be the quick and efficient portable solution.
  • Women’s History Month: Gunfighter first sergeant exemplifies leader

    Her office isn’t as fancy as one would think. No glimmering plaques, towering coin displays or motivational photos as you would expect a first sergeant office to have. But she does have an engraved mug. It reads: REMEMBER TO HYDRATE! PT pacer extraordinaire!Barriere the blessing “saved” CH Coop!Shirt, thank you for all you do! She earned this
  • MHAFB pediatric clinic works diligently to keep children healthy

    A small boy in blue jeans, a grey T-shirt and sporting a blonde comb over with a slight sheen from the gel used to hold it in place is ushered into a room with plain white walls. As he entered, the boy notices a chair to the right of the door. Hanging on the wall above a chair is an otoscope, a medical tool used to look into ears. The boy then
  • Goldfein, Wright outline keys to strong leadership, its role in Air Force excellence

    Judging by the conversations and hardware on display, cutting edge technology – virtual reality, 5th generation equipment, hypersonic weapons, cyber capabilities – was the dominant theme at the Air Warfare Symposium in Orlando.

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