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  • 726th expands deployment readiness with tactical skill sets

    The 726th Air Control Squadron has concluded its inaugural two week Deployment Initial Readiness Training (DIRT) Course. The 20-student DIRT Course educates newer Control and Reporting Center (CRC) Airmen with the necessary skills and knowledge to become deployment-ready at a moment’s notice. The DIRT Course is intended to supplement deployment training (Field craft Training for the Hostile Environment, Combat Skills Training, etc.) and introduce Airmen to deployment expectations.
  • 726th ACS utilizes GFF for Dynamic Scud Hunt training

    MOUNTAIN HOME AIR FORCE BASE, Idaho – Conducting strategic communication, battle management and theater missile defense are just some of the ways that the 726th Air Control Squadron “HARDROCK” maintains control on deployed joint operations. They are one of the several effective organizations on base that bolsters the 366th Fighter Wing mission while also supporting their own.
  • Deployed Airmen find hope, resiliency through wingmen

    As COVID-19 continues to impact deployments around the world, Airmen down-range found hope in their wingmen and showed true resiliency when challenges were thrown their way. Due to the unforeseen mission impacts due to COVID-19, the 729th Air Control Squadron at Hill AFB, Utah, was unable to replace the members of the 726th ACS on time. This pushed back the 726th redeployment date by almost a month.
  • 726th ACS commander and spouse renovate mothers’ room

    Often times, the achievement of military members are held in high regards, while the actions of their spouses are seen as the support of their greatness. Some stand out though, and find their own greatness in the support of their military partners, and the units they belong to. Lt. Col. Richard Barber, 726th Air Control Squadron commander, and his wife, Kath Barber, provide an example of initiative by renovating the ACS mothers’ room, Sept. 20 2019.
  • Agile, Mobile: MHAFB adaptive basing training

    MHAFB conducted an adaptive basing exercise July 17th, 2019, in order to Spark innovation by finding new and versatile methods for air operations. The Gunfighter team practiced adaptive basing strategies by constructing a training exercise and utilizing a simulated air strip to optimize their training.
  • The 726th ACS ensures mission readiness

    The 726th Air Control Squadron focuses on accuracy and accountability during the preparation for their deployment exercise. As the Airmen in the 726th ACS prepare vehicles for an exercise, their training serves to decrease mission obstacles and increase mobile efficiency down range.

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