366th Fighter Wing A-Staff


"Ride hard, shoot straight, and always speak the truth"


What can the A-Staff do for you?

This quick reference guide outlines the core capabilities and services provided by each A-Staff Directorate.

A1 – Manpower, Personnel, & Services: Responsible for the oversight and execution of the base- wide manpower, Civilian personnel, and deployment of base-wide personnel. Focus areas include:
-Maintenance of official organizational charts
-Global Force Management Deployments
-Recruitment and retention for specific roles and how to build employee management relations
-Civilian personnel development and training

A2 – Intelligence, Surveillance, & Reconnaissance: Responsible for providing all intelligence support to the Wing. Focus areas include:
-Intel weapons, tactics, and mission qualification trainings
-Functional management of 14NX and 1NXXX personnel and equipment assigned to the Wing
-Intel products and briefings related to enemy capabilities, tactics, and how to assess threats– ask about OPLANS and DFE!

A3/5 – Operations, Plans, & Requirements: Supports current and future operations and planning for the Wing. Focus areas include: 
-Wing Operations Center 
-Coordination of flying unit training, Wing Weapons and Tactics, and Lead Wing expeditionary mission planning 
-Receptions function for visiting units

A4 – Maintenance & Logistics: Coordinates logistics and prioritizes aircraft maintenance planning and execution across the complex. Focus areas include:
-Fleet Health and Sustainment 
-Planning and Reporting of Maintenance Enterprise Common Resources: Manpower, Quality Control, Legacy Group Awards, Engineering and   Technical Services 
-Weapons Loading and Armament Compliance, Continuity, and Standardization

A6/7 – Communications, Installation, & Security: Provides base operating support program execution and guidance. Focus areas include:
-Base records, pubs and forms, Freedom of Information and Privacy Act, Wing SharePoint admin, and Wing AF Portal admin 
-Oversight of privatized housing 
-Environmental compliance of air, water, hazardous waste, recycling, and other programs 
-Installation Security and Wing antiterrorism efforts

Questions? For any inquiries, do not hesitate to directly contact A-Staff Leadership
366 FW Chief of Staff-    
-DSN: 312-728-2283/4554
-Comm: 208-828-2283/4554
A1 Director - Manpower, Personnel, & Services                                                             
-DSN: 312-728-2201
-Comm: 208-828-2201
A2 Director - Intelligence, Surveillance, & Reconnaissance
-DSN: 312-728-2691/2692
-Comm: 208-828-2691/2692
A3/5 Director - Operations, Plans, & Requirements
-DSN: 312-728-6391
-Comm: 208-828-6391
A4 Director - Maintenance & Logistic
-DSN: 312-728-3746
-Comm: 208-828-3746
A6/7 Director - Communications, Installation, & Security
-DSN: 312-728-6366
-Comm: 208-828-6366

Why Mountain Home?

Leading the way in innovation, 366 FW’s redesign of the Wing organization empowers Squadrons to work directly with Wing headquarters for quicker decision- making and more efficient resolution of challenges. Mountain Home was the first Wing in the Air Force to experiment with the ‘Lead Wing’ structure. Now, more than ever, is an exciting time to be a Gunfighter!

What is an A-Staff?

The A-Staff headquarters organization is new at the Wing level, but not new to the Air Force, as anyone who has served at a NAF, MAJCOM, or joint headquarters can attest. Our goal is to educate and inform all MHAFB Airmen on how the Wing’s A- Staff supports units and services across the base, both in garrison and deployed.


The Combat Wing headquarters combines functions from the legacy headquarters organization with selected functions formerly at the Squadron level and establishes a few new functions. The Mountain Home AFB Reorganization Business Rules (v3.0) describe these changes in detail. Reach out to the 366 FW Chief of Staff for further information!

How the Reorg Helped Airmen at Mountain Home

 “The new model empowers Airmen and increases their autonomy. Airmen are not afraid to make mistakes in Mountain Home’s flattened organizational structure post-reorg.”

                      ~ 366 FW Commander


[Vietnam-era Gunfighters with a 20-mm SUU-16/A Gatling gun pod]