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  • 726th ACS SNCO awarded Bronze Star

    Master Sgt. Joe Rodriguez, 726th Air Control Squadron radio frequency transmissions systems SNCO in charge, was awarded the Bronze Star for his achievements during his deployment to Iraq, Oct. 9, 2020.
  • Live Capabilities: 726 ACS executes real world adaptive skill

    The Air Force’s ability to adapt , innovate and overcome dates back to it's inception. Implementing those adaptive skills, even in the midst of uncertainty sets the Air Force apart as service. The 726th Air Control Squadron exemplified this when they executed a live mission take over for the 266th Range Squadron to support the 428th Fighter Squadron during their weapons qualifications.
  • 726th ACS Airman lives up to Hardrock title: exemplifies excellence

    Jones is a radio frequency (RF) transmission systems technician who maintains, troubleshoots and repairs deployable communication equipment. It’s his job to make sure communications are working for radio operators and combat communications Airmen.
  • Convoys: Going where no one else can

    Airmen from the 726th Air Control Squadron offer an inside look on what makes a successful convoy while supporting Hardrock Exercise 19-2 July 14, 2019, at Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho.
  • 726th Air Control Squadron returns from deployment

    Over 100 Airman from the 726th Air Control Squadron, Mountain Home Air Force Base, returned from a 6-month deployment October 27, 2018.
  • 726th ACS jumps into the future

    The 726th Air Control Squadron received its first major Control and Reporting Center weapons system upgrade in 20 years here, May 30. The TYQ-23A Control and Reporting Center system replaces older and bulkier 1980s style operations modules, allowing command and control operators to control a section of air space and do battle management when called upon.
  • KUDOS program gives kids a taste of deployment

    The 726th Air Control Squadron hosted the families of currently deployed airmen for a Kids Understanding Deployment Operations day, known as “KUDOS” Oct. 21, here. With their parents being deployed, this event helped teach the kids what their parents do while downrange.
  • 726th Air Control Squadron Celebrates New Renovations

    The 726th Air Control Squadron held its official ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate their newly renovated compound on base August 18, 2016.After seven months of renovations, the 726th ACS are now able to control air operations from a secure central facility.The new compound offers advanced training equipment systems that will enhance combat

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