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  • MXG edges CES in Championship Game

    The Maintenance Group played the Civil Engineer Squadron in the Mountain Home Air Force Base Intramural Basketball Championship game Jan. 30, 2017 at the Gunfighter Fitness Center. The evenly talented match showcased the Gunfighters top ballers. Both teams entered the night with a 7-2 record.
  • Crew Chiefs Take Pride in Launching Combat Sorties

    An F-15E Strike Eagle starts its engines drowning out all other sounds and conversation in the area. The pilot is communicating with an airman standing in sight of the cockpit with his arms forming an X across his chest. He marshals the jet out of the parking spot onto the taxiway after an operations check and salutes. The pilot returns the salute and the airman, holding down all fingers except his pinky and thumb, shakes his hand back and forth, a gesture to say ‘go get ‘em’. The airman is a crew chief assigned to the 332nd Expeditionary Maintenance Squadron.
  • Squadrons go head-to-head in 366th MXG weapons load competition

    Three airmen scramble to their places with lightning speed and proficiency while classic rock pulsates in the background, setting a scene reminiscent of something you'd see in Top Gun. Each of them has a specific role to play, without all of them at their absolute best the team fails. They're not the only ones racing to a quick finish. The 366th Fighter Wing weapons load competition is a morale/training event that took place Oct. 14, 2016 which provides recognition for a job that doesn't often get the spotlight. Three teams of three compete against each other to see who can load training munitions on each of their jets the fastest.

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