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Gunfighter Flag
  • Military branches come together for combat training

    The 366th Fighter Wing is located in the middle of nowhere in southern Idaho, nearly an hour away from a large city. Not exactly the description of a place one would expect military forces from every U.S. service and foreign allies would be excited to visit. In reality, Mountain Home’s 110,000 acre range provides an ideal training setting with one of the biggest air spaces in the country, and exercises like Gunfighter Flag that accommodate joint service combat training to simulate deployed situations.
  • Gunfighter Flag 18-1 kicks off

    Mountain Home is hosting its quarterly Gunfighter Flag exercise Dec. 11-15. Gunfighter Flag 18-1 simulates joint service operations that might be encountered in a deployed environment.
  • Congressional advisors visit Mountain Home Air Force Base

    Seven congressional advisors from Nevada, Oregon and Idaho visited here, July 19.They visited to see how Mountain Home AFB and the range complex operates firsthand.“This visit produced a better understanding of the Gunfighters combat capabilities,” said Chief Master Sgt. David Brown, 366th Fighter Wing command chief. “We were able to communicate

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