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Strike Eagle
  • Investment in national security

    While some may think the gap between the civilian and military sectors in national security has grown over the years, an inside look at airmen and defense factory collaboration proves how valuable they are to one another. Last week a team of aircrew and maintainers had an opportunity to discuss with those in the civilian sector who directly contribute to the defense of the nation, when they toured defense contractor factories in St. Louis, Missouri.
  • Gunfighter Priority #1: Generate F-15 Sorties

    When I established our number one priority for the 366th Fighter Wing, I could have said "Fly Fighters!" It's bold and looks great on a bumper sticker. I think it falls far short of the real story. After all, military and civilian organizations all over the world fly fighters. What makes us different...what makes us better: Gunfighters Generate F-15 Sorties.
  • One for the Road

    The 332nd Expeditionary Operations Group is waist-deep in combat operations for the foreseeable future and their outgoing group commander, Col. David Brynteson, recently flew his last flight before returning home. His responsibilities as operations group commander spanned four different squadrons including fighter, attack, space and support squadrons, all while also flying combat operations himself.

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