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Tag: taking care of Airmen and their families
  • New Project Management Flight makes MHAFB better for everyone

    Over the last year, contracting in the 366th Financial Acquisition Squadron has excelled due to the addition of a Project Management Flight.
  • Maddie Matters: How a Child’s Terminal Cancer Inspires an Air Force Family to Support, Love, Give

    “Your child has cancer.” How do you respond to that? Do you cry? Are you angry? Or do you step back and just breathe? For a parent, few words could carry more weight. 2nd Lt. Tyler Moore carries the weight of these words with him each day. It’s his reality. A reality he never asked for.
  • Vacation Bible School: growing faith and community

    Few things are more pure than a child’s smile, more infectious than an uncontrollable laugh, or more important than a good friend. Each summer these smiles, laughter and friends can be found at Vacation Bible School (VBS). The Liberty Chapel hosted VBS this week, Aug. 5-9, 2019, for over 110 youth.
  • Airman’s dreams come true: His story

    Dreams come true everyday. For Airmen, some want to travel the world, some want to become a general and others want to have a family. Dreams, however, do not happen on their own. It requires sacrifice, dedication and working smarter and harder than you have before. This truth stares each of us in the face everyday. If you choose to acknowledge it and apply it, your dreams can come true. Just ask Senior Airman Jalen Thompson.
  • Dorm management takes care of Airmen by mentoring, maintaining, innovating

    Mentoring first-term Airmen, maintaining and improving dorm assets and looking for innovative ways to enhance the quality of life for Airmen in the dorms is a daily grind. An important role of unaccompanied housing (UH) management is running the Bay Orderly (BAYO) program. All first-term Airmen are placed in the program where they clean and upkeep the dormitories they live in for a couple weeks. But it is so much more.

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