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  • 726th ACS competes in Radio Frequency Rodeo Competition

    The 726th Air Control Squadron engaged in a radio frequency rodeo competition Aug. 4, 2021. In this competition, two teams of radio technicians must build two antennas, a Ground Multiband Terminal and an Airbus Ranger. The first team to build the two antennas is the winner.
  • Convoys: Going where no one else can

    Airmen from the 726th Air Control Squadron offer an inside look on what makes a successful convoy while supporting Hardrock Exercise 19-2 July 14, 2019, at Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho.
  • 726th ACS gives Red Flag eyes over the NTTR

    The 726th Air Control Squadron (ACS) are providing comprehensive radar coverage on the Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR) for all the pilots flying in Red Flag 19-2 this month.
  • HardRock, rocks! 726th ACS prepares for Red Flag West

    Airmen of the 726th ACS prepare for Red Flag West, Feb. 25 - March 1, to provide communication, command and control (C3) to operators from Air Combat Command.

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