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  • Lt. Col. Lapp celebrates Fini Flight and Retirement Ceremony

    U.S. Air Force Maj. Aaron Richardson, 366th Operations Support Squadron director of Maintenance (Left), and Lt. Col. Aaron C. “Badger” Lapp, 366th Fighter Wing director of operations and Plans (Right), participate in Lapp’s Fini Flight on the flightline, May 15, 2020, on Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho. A Fini Flight is a tradition among Air
  • Financial Management Flight adapts teleworking methods amid COVID-19 pandemic

    While some jobs have been temporarily shut down in order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, certain jobs must continue to work and adopt a way to maintain stability, order, well-being and security. The Financial Management Flight under the 366th Financial Acquisition Squadron is one of those essential jobs needed to support Airmen amid the pandemic.
  • MHAFB equipment trainer saves life and aids investigation

    MOUNTAIN HOME AIR FORCE BASE, Idaho – Tech. Sgt. Nicholas Cliché, 366th Operations Support Squadron aircrew flight equipment lead trainer, has been an avid base jumper for four years. Base jumping can be a thrill, but it doesn't come without risks. Cliché’s experience taught him the value in following safety protocols to a "T". And knows when somethings gone wrong.
  • MHAFB utilizes new methods for upcoming retirees amid COVID-19 pandemic

    Organizations such as the Military Personnel Flight's Separation and Retirement section are making changes in order to support retiring Airmen, and in addition systems such as the Transition Assistance Program are also making adjustments to continue the support amid the pandemic.
  • Honoring an Airman's Legacy: rise of the Dugan Field name

    When residents of MHAFB come across Dugan Field Park, not much is known about how the park got its name. In fact, the name was almost considered to be renamed. After a thorough investigation, recovered documents from old news outlets that contained information about the origin of the Dugan field name could be historically identified.
  • School liaison officer continues support of Airmen and Families amid COVID-19 pandemic

    MOUNTAIN HOME AIR FORCE BASE, Idaho -- COVID-19’s rampant spread around the world has men and women everywhere taking extra precautions to protect and provide for their families. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, school liaison officer Allen “Chief Nix” Niksich, from the 366th Force Support Squadron, continues to work and take care of Airmen and their families.
  • 366 MXS protects AF assets through ingenuity

    MOUNTAIN HOME AIR FORCE BASE, Idaho – Repairs on aircraft are conducted with efficiency to maintain mission readiness and ensure rapid mobility. Two Airmen from the 366th Maintenance Squadron used their skills and ingenuity to craft a repair item, called a spar, designed for an F-15E Strike Eagle’s wing, Sept. 30, 2019. Aircraft structural mechanics from Robins Air Force Base, Georgia, inspected the aircraft and after finding a wing deficiency, declared a need for a repair.
  • Agile, Mobile: MHAFB adaptive basing training

    MHAFB conducted an adaptive basing exercise July 17th, 2019, in order to Spark innovation by finding new and versatile methods for air operations. The Gunfighter team practiced adaptive basing strategies by constructing a training exercise and utilizing a simulated air strip to optimize their training.
  • Janine Sijan-Rozina visits MHAFB, presents SIJAN documentary

    Sijan-Rozina visited here May 30-31, 2019, to debut “SIJAN”, an in-depth documentary about her fallen brother.
  • Combat Arms Training and Maintenance

    Well trained Airmen reduce the risk of safety mishaps in the field and increases accuracy and lethality when firing a weapon is necessary. To ensure Gunfighters are ready to deploy at any moment, Mountain Home Air Force Base conducts Combat Arms Training and Maintenance (CATM) classes throughout the year.

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