What Does Privatization Mean for Mountain Home AFB Residents?

MOUNTAIN HOME AIR FORCE BASE, Idaho -- Balfour Beatty Communities is pleased to announce that on Aug. 1 2013, BBC will assume management of Mountain Home Air Force Base Family Housing with the goal of providing the highest level of customer service, enhanced housing and a vibrant community for the Service Members and their families stationed here. At Balfour Beatty Communities, a dedicated staff comprised of community and facilities management professionals is ready to assist in making the transition into privatization as seamless as possible.

"We couldn't be more excited to begin operations for family housing," said Amanda Snoey-Holladay, Community Manager, Balfour Beatty Communities at Mountain Home Air Force Base. "My staff and I look forward to meeting the residents on base and working with them to ensure that their time spent living in Mountain Home Family Housing is not only enjoyable but memorable."

Why privatize?

Mountain Home AFB has partnered with Balfour Beatty Communities under the Privatization of Family Housing Program, as a way to provide quality affordable housing faster and more efficiently than traditional processes allowed. Privatization of military family housing enables private sector developers to effectively manage all family housing operations and ultimately create a living environment that helps increase the readiness, morale, and retention of Service Members, allowing them to concentrate on their missions.

What to look forward to in privatized housing

BBC will be responsible for the development, maintenance, and management of family homes, grounds, and infrastructure. With all community and facilities management being maintained through one company, BBC ensures a holistic approach to all family housing and community needs that is centered on responsive customer service.
As part of privatization, there is also a plan in place for new construction, renovations, and general community upgrades including:
  • 172 demolished homes
  • 60 new homes
  • Additional community features
    • New Community Center
    • Lighted basketball court
    • Sand Volleyball court
    • Softball field
    • Tennis courts
    • Tot Parks
    • 1 Mile Nature path
Balfour Beatty Communities offers an exciting resident experience you won't find in traditional housing complexes--the LifeWorks program! The Balfour Beatty Communities LifeWorks program offers free activities and events for residents of all ages aimed at strengthening community relations. To see what events are happening at Mountain Home Air Force Base, visit our website. We hope to see you there!

Next steps for current residents

Residents will be required to sign a lease agreement with Balfour Beatty Communities. Lease signings are currently being conducted by our Community Management Team. If you have not signed a lease agreement, please contact us at 208-832-9900 to schedule a time that is convenient for you. All leases must be signed by 26 July 2013.

Understanding BAH and privatized housing

BAH is determined based on rental market value, rank, and number of dependents. Unlike most rental markets, privatized housing offers additional amenities not usually found in private sector housing. Because of this, DOD policy on privatized housing allows rent to be equal to full BAH.
BAH in privatized housing includes:
  • Rent
  • Utilities - electric, gas, water, sewer, and fuel oil for heat (with the exception of telephone, cable, and Internet services)
  • Landscaping services (front yard and common areas)
  • Trash collection
  • Kitchen appliances
  • 24/7 facility maintenance services as well as routine preventative maintenance services
  • Renter's insurance personal property policy
  • Free LifeWorks program year-round activities and events
  • Community amenities: community center, fitness center, media center, conference room, playgrounds, various sport courts, nature walking/running paths.
About BBC

Headquartered in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, Balfour Beatty Communities currently operates more than 44,000 military homes located in 23 states and Washington DC and is over 1,100 dedicated employees strong. For more information regarding Balfour Beatty Communities visit www.balfourbeattycommunities.com.

For questions regarding BBC operations and the transition to privatization, contact the Community Management Office at 208-832-9900. All service requests may be directed to our Facility Management Office at 208-832-5044.

Mountain Home Family Housing
520 Fir Street, Bld. 182

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Tuesday & Thursday-Friday: 0800 - 1700
Wednesday: 0800 - 1900