Knowledge Operations: Truly among the best

(U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Malissa Lott/RELEASED)

(U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Malissa Lott/RELEASED)

MOUNTAIN HOME AIR FORCE- Idaho -- Every day is bustling with stamina and energy. They scurry about, accomplishing tasks directly handed from the 366th Fighter Wing commander and director of staff. Meet the professionals of the wing's Knowledge Operations office. 

Taking on multiple and varied roles is their profession, and mission success is their craft.

"I'm currently the assistant NCO in charge of wing knowledge operations, yet I'm also the Government Purchase Card holder, the Information Technology Equipment Custodian, the Safety Custodian, Information Assurance Officer, Personal Wireless Internet Communication Systems and the Management Internal Control Toolset/Manager Internal Control Program Representative," said Tech. Sgt. Steven Keith, as an example of some of the wide array of duties the Airmen in his office manage.

With only one master sergeant, one technical sergeant and one airman 1st class assigned, duties are distributed to the entire team.

"Our primary duties are Enlisted and Officer Performance Reports, decorations, as well as task management," said Airman 1st Class Joshua Philyaw, 366th FW knowledge operations director of staff assistant. "I'm in charge of the EPRs, OPRs and the decorations for everyone in Fighter Wing Staff. I also handle the paperwork for the individuals who are about to test for promotions."

This job demands only the absolute best from these Airmen who are constantly given new tasks before the old one is finished, said Philyaw.

"Managing my daily prioritization lists is the toughest part of my job," said Keith. "The primary duties are already tough but things can get a lot more interesting with the additional duties and the unexpected in this fast paced environment. We work for the Wing commander and it's vital we always stay one maybe two steps ahead of the boss while also performing other duties or I could easily find myself trying to dig out of a hole."

Working directly for the DS, Philyaw works separately from the NCO's in his office.

"I do my own work for Fighter Wing Staff and the others covering everything for the whole wing," said Philyaw. "Once an EPR from an individual in the Fighter Wing Staff gets to me, I will review it all the way through the (366th) Comptroller Squadron. Once it needs to be reviewed by wing commander, the NCOs will review it."

With the many tasks that these Airmen are handed, they still relish the experience they gain in their duties.

"The most rewarding part of this job is the experience," said Keith. "With all my heart I believe there is no such thing as too much experience because it's one of the major keys to success."

Even through the stress and the hectic lives of these individuals, they still see the glass half full.

"Most rewarding part of my job is knowing that you are the glue to FWS," said Philyaw. "When we get an EPR and catch a mistake that could have cost someone their career, which has happened, we can honestly say that we helped that person get promoted."

Overcoming daily hurdles and watching out for the careers of others, these Airmen work toward the smooth running of the 366th FW.

"Experience opens the door to a plethora of opportunities that at one time was not available," said Keith. "Through different experiences, I see more growth and maturity and the ability to mentor and encourage others. That's one of the greatest satisfactions I can take away from this job into the next career and beyond."