Get to know the new Gunfighter command chief

Chief Master Sgt. John G. Weimer, 366th Fighter Wing Command Chief

Chief Master Sgt. John G. Weimer, 366th Fighter Wing Command Chief

MOUNTAIN HOME AIR FORCE BASE, Idaho -- The 366th Fighter Wing welcomes its new command chief.

Chief Master Sgt. John G. Weimer

Time in Service: 24 years, Aug. 18, 1987

Hometown: Cape Girardeau, Mo.

Family: Wife, LeAnne, and sons Geordan (8), Eli (6), and Gabriel (3)

Biggest challenge faced so far in your Air Force career: Striking the right balance between work and home. My wife and kids show incredibly patriotic love by supporting my personal and professional goals. No words or actions I can muster will be able to level the scales. All I can do is appreciate them.

Person who has had the biggest impact/effect on your life: It can't be just one, but both of my parents. They taught me priceless lessons about the value of a strong work ethic and the delicate nature of credibility. As great role models, Mom and Dad are living proof that perseverance prevails over all adversity.

Work philosophy: Never give less than 100 percent. Anything worth doing is worth doing in a manner that makes you proud to put your name on it.

Hobbies: Running, fitness, motorcycles and playing the drums.

Favorite animal: The Sheepdog. Sheep spend their entire lives hoping the wolf will never come for fear of witnessing or succumbing to the violence it will bring. The sheepdog spends its entire life preparing for the day it will confront the wolf to protect its flock, or die trying. Read more in the book "On Combat" by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman.

Funniest moment in your Air Force career: Realizing, at the instant my 9-year-old niece walked into a full break room at work and yelled "Uncle Geoffie!", that it would be my call sign for the remainder of that assignment.

Favorite food: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Favorite rank held so far: Master Sergeant! I was pushed by leaders who had faith in me and who entrusted me with incredible responsibility - they didn't hesitate to treat me like a senior noncommissioned officer. I also learned that a cooperative group of section chiefs, with a common vision and goals, contribute more to organizational success than any other leadership entity.

Blues or Airman Battle Uniform: ABUs, because blues don't stand a chance in the low crawl and look ridiculous on the Harley.

Hopes for the future: Generally, be a positive influence for the Airmen I serve, as well as for my three sons. Specifically, finish my bachelor's degree while meeting the needs of the 366th Fighter Wing.

What song is most like the theme of your life: "Something for Nothing" by Rush. The point is, waiting will get you nowhere. Build your own vision and work towards it with every ounce of passion you have.

Why did you join the Air Force: To be a part of something much bigger than I could have hoped for in my home town.

Motto to live by: (Individually) Every Day in Every Way, I'm Getting Better and Better! (Collectively) Doing it Gets it Done!

What do you hope to achieve at MHAFB: Continue the Gunfighter history of excellence by increasing opportunities for the entire workforce to learn, innovate and contribute, both individually and as a cohesive team.

(Editor's note: For Chief Weimer's complete biography, go to http://www.mountainhome.af.mil/library/biographies/bio.asp?id=14694.)