Safety office wraps up critical days of summer

MOUNTAIN HOME AIR FORCE BASE, Idaho -- The base safety office wraps up its critical days of summer program Sep. 5.

The critical days span from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Studies have shown this time period is most likely to produce accidents throughout the year.

With a 120 percent reduction in the base's off-duty mishaps such as boating, camping, hiking and bicycling accidents, the safety office considers this year to be a success.

"There have been just four mishaps this year versus seven last year, and all four were fairly minor involving basketball, softball, dirt biking and motorcycling," said Karen Rogow, 366th Ground Safety manager. "These are all off-duty injuries, which is really our focus for the critical days of summer."

Although the safety office commends Gunfighters on their safety success thus far, they still want to stress the importance of finishing strong.

"We are wrapping it up for this year, but we still want to focus on the activities people may be doing during the last weekend," said Rogow. "We want to continue to have a great summer like we have been."

According to safety officials, one factor in the decrease of mishaps during Airmen's spare-time can be attributed to better preparation.

"I think the Gunfighters are doing a good job of planning and thinking about safety, not only on-duty but off-duty," said Rogow. "We want to thank them for doing that planning to safely enjoy their off-duty activities."

Randy Danner, with the 366th Ground Safety office, agrees Gunfighter planning has made the difference this year as opposed to previous ones.

"It's not always easy to carry out the plans we make," Danner said. "Sometimes we think we are going to do things safely, but somewhere along the way we lose focus on what it was that we intended to do. This year, we've had a group of people who have made good plans and followed their plans. If we got everyone to do that every year, life would be good."

Safety in general plays a direct role in one of the Air Force's main priorities, protecting its most valuable resource--Airmen.

"Our job as the safety office is to ensure the wellbeing of our Airmen and their families, so they can continue to contribute to the mission," said Danner.