• Airmen help families, boost morale during softball tournament

    Gunfighters participated in the Operation Warmheart softball tournament for three days straight starting on July 25 at Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho.Teams from across Idaho competed for a chance to win the championship. "It brings people together from the civilian and military worlds to take care of Air Force warriors and their families,"
  • GORUCK Light Challenge tests, inspires Gunfighters

    Painful muscles, cramps, skin dripping sweat, extremely hot temperatures and two heavy downpours courtesy of the MHAFB Fire Department weren't enough to dispel the motivation of more than more than 25 members of the Gunfighter community participating in the GORUCK Light/ Team Cohesion Challenge here July 12.The new Air Force pilot program, Team
  • Knowledge Operations: Truly among the best

    Every day is bustling with stamina and energy. They scurry about, accomplishing tasks directly handed from the 366th Fighter Wing commander and director of staff. Meet the professionals of the wing's Knowledge Operations office. Taking on multiple and varied roles is their profession, and mission success is their craft. "I'm currently the assistant
  • PMEL Airman trains Chilean Air Force members

    One Gunfighter had a unique opportunity to train foreign Airmen on night vision equipment in Iquique, Chile, April 7-11. Tech. Sgt. Fernando Marinas, 366th Component Maintenance Squadron Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory test measurement and diagnostic equipment laboratory chief, faced a mission to train individuals in the Chilean Air
  • EMS hero saves lives, assists state police

    Snow was blanketing everything in sight making visibility little to none on the dark December night. The extremely cold temperatures turned the highway into black ice.  Suddenly a truck proceeded to lose control and skidded off the road, rolling twice. Behind the damaged vehicle was Senior Airman Wes Atkins, 366th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
  • SFS Defenders save a life

    A school bus parked in the outbound lane of Gunfighter Avenue caused traffic to slow during the afternoon of May 6. Gate guards reported the suspicious activity and Master Sgt. Jonathan Krueger and Tech. Sgt. Jeremy Oates, 366th Security Forces Squadron flight chiefs, to the scene. "My adrenaline was pumping when I arrived on scene and saw what was
  • MHAFB Fire Department receives DoD Award

    The Mountain Home Air Force Base Fire Department was recently recognized as the winner of the 2013 Department of Defense Fire and Emergency Services of the Year award in the Small Fire Department category. In 2013 they distinguished themselves as the best, through their innovativeness and exceptional dedication. Their achievements included battling
  • PT: good for you, good for me

    Out of breath, legs and arms shaking uncontrollably, muscle pain and fatigue have set in ... how can people push themselves forward?Only one more set with those weights; one more lap on the track - could you do it knowing it would only make you better?Airmen from the 366th Logistics Readiness Squadron at Mountain Home Air Force Base accept that
  • Heroism isn't a myth; it's making the right decision

    When you think of a hero, is a cape and mask all you see? Or is it those small acts of selflessness and courage shown everyday that are more likely to change the world.One Airman from the 366th Component Maintenance Squadron shows that it's the caring for those around you that can make all the difference. "I was outside a bar in downtown Boise when
  • A family to call her own

    A small crowd gathered outside the secure area exit at Boise Airport. It was late on a weekday, so the small airport was largely abandoned, save for a few families waiting for their loved ones.Among the anxious crowd were family and friends of Tech Sgt. Jamie Meadows-Valley -- an Airman from the 366th Aerospace Medicine Squadron at Mountain Home