• New ops group commander grabs reigns as changes loom on horizon

    As the Air Force reduces its overall troop numbers, maintains a fast-paced operations tempo and implements changes from the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure Commission, Col. John McMullen takes the reigns of the 366th Operations Group at a tumultuous time for the Air Force. Leading the group's more than 800 Airmen and civilians down the path to
  • A commitment to helping those in need...

    They say "an apple a day keeps the doctor away," but maybe growing up in The Big Apple can inspire a person to become that same doctor. Col. Jerrold Flyer had always been an assistant. When he turned 14, he began spending his summer vacations assisting doctors in New York City. During his Air Force career as a surgeon, he was a deputy group
  • EMS Airmen maintain nuts, bolts of flying mission

    An active flightline looks like ants marching. Maintainers scramble to work on their jets before and after each mission. Support equipment constantly scuttles from one place to another. Fighters taxi and roar down the runway. Everyone marches to the beat of the same drum: the flying mission.That same drum beat is heard in the back shops of the