• Mountain Home Mayor conveys parting thoughts

    It's no secret that Mountain Home and the nearby base share more than just a name. Anything that affects one almost invariably affects the other.Early next year, Mountain Home's mayor, Tom Rist, will step down to pave the way for new leadership."[Rist] couldn't have been more supportive as the Mayor of Mountain Home than he has been, in my
  • 12 Days of Fire Safety

    The holiday season is one of family, friends and good times. However, it can also be a time of fire hazards. Take a look at these safety tips from your friendly neighborhood fire prevention office to have a happy — and safe — holiday season.On the first day, my true love gave to me a candle. Candles are the second leading cause of fires during
  • Ever-ready

    From the beginning of basic training all the way to the last days of one's Air Force career, self-aid and buddy care are drilled into the brain. Even if it begins to fade, no worries, there's mandatory training - and plenty of it - to ensure it's not easily forgotten.Staff Sgt. David Jensen, ground radar technician with the 266th Range Squadron,
  • Everyone's a defender

    Approximately 20 percent of the Air Force is female. Despite the low percentage, women in the Air Force continue to make a huge impact on the mission.Security forces may not be the top career field choice for all females, but for Airman 1st Class Alexis Dinger, this is what she chose. The challenge of deployments, grueling technical school and
  • Supporting the Air Force

    Security forces takes down the bad guys, the fighter wings control the skies and the medical group patches-up the injured, but what does the 366th Force Support Squadron do downrange?The weeklong Gunfighter Flag 16-1 exercise provided the opportunity to find out.At a home station, 366th FSS operates services used every day by airmen and their
  • Operating as a team

    For the second time this year, Mountain Home AFB hosted an exercise known as Gunfighter Flag. It keeps airmen on their toes and ready for whatever real-world scenarios may come their way.Gunfighter Flag doesn't just keep the Mountain Home airmen ready, but also allows them to practice total force integration. The base often has different military
  • Red Flag 15-3 simulates downed aircraft

    One of the most important missions during Red Flag is the simulation of a downed aircraft, giving the pilot a better chance of survival in case of a real world situation.The Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape Specialists of the 414th Combat Training Squadron are responsible for designing, implementing and evaluating the personnel recovery
  • Ancient Techniques for Modern Warfare

    Red Flag at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, is the pinnacle of modern warfare training. Red forces take on blue forces with cutting edge weapons platforms while expert technicians prepare and repair those platforms to bring the fight to the enemy.During Red Flag 15-3, an airman took time during this high-tech training to practice one of the oldest
  • No hesitation: saving a life

    The difference between those who accomplish great things and those who wait on the sidelines is often the willpower to do what needs to be done.Staff Sgt. Paul Daggett teaches aircrews the will to survive in enemy territory and the tools to do so. As a survival, evasion, resistance and escape specialist for the 366th Operations Support Squadron,
  • The power of family

    As the saying goes, "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree," Tech. Sgt. Matthew Turner, NCO in charge of the 391st Fighter Squadron medical element, grew up under the watchful eye of a security forces chief master sergeant and proved just that. Turner has developed into the epitome of what the enlisted performance report defines as, "truly among