• F-35s test combat readiness

    Seven F-35A Lightning IIs and 160 personnel from Hill AFB deployed here, June 3-17. The airmen stressed the limits of both aircraft and personnel to ensure they could operate effectively in a deployed environment. The F-35A is the Air Force’s latest multi-role fighter designed to work alongside current aircraft such as the F-22 Raptor and the A-10 Thunderbolt II.
  • Gunfighter reaches 3,000 flight hours

    On Friday, May 20, after a routine training flight, Lt. Col. Michael Landers, fighter pilot for the 389th Fighter Squadron, reached 3,000 flight hours in the F-15E Strike Eagle.But what is so significant about having flown 3,000 hours? That is equivalent to approximately 4 months of Landers’ 16-year career spent in the cockpit of a jet. That’s a
  • Inside Honor Guard

    Everyone sees the excellence they embody. The overall seamlessly tailored uniform represents the pride exuded in all they do. From the unique cover to the perfectly centered belt, the unblemished white gloves all the way down to the glossy polished shoes, it’s clear that mediocre is something unknown to these particular men and women.While we all
  • They keep the lights on

    They manage millions of dollars in projects and investments. They work contracts lasting from a few days to a few years. They have eyes, ears and even a hand in almost every facility on base. They keep the lights on.“You never know what’s going to end up on your desk next week,” said Senior Airman Stephan Giorgio, a 366th Contracting Squadron
  • F-35A turns to MHAFB for deployment training

    The F-35A is at the point in its life where it's taking the first lap around the track away from home. The 31st Test Evaluation Squadron from Edwards AFB, Calif., is at Mountain Home AFB, Idaho, to put the aircraft, its staff and equipment, through a series of operational tests to determine just how capable the aircraft is in a forward deployed
  • Desert Storm: Palomaria finds his purpose

    While many of the senior service members in today's Air Force served during Desert Storm, not all experienced the smoke-filled air from the burning oil fields, rather the despair and uncertainty of those left at home, waiting anxiously to find out if - and when - they'd join the fight.Restricted to a 100-mile radius and required to report for duty
  • These young faces

    As Col. Michael Lawrence, the 366th Maintenance Group commander, riffled through pages of bullets highlighting the MXG's 2015 achievements, he came across a photo of a nearly-unidentifiable airman standing atop a shadowy F-15E Strike Eagle."On the front page of this package is [Airman 1st Class] Kristin Hall ... from Opp, Alabama," Lawrence said as
  • The story of Storytellers

    With every person comes a different experience, unique to that individual, resulting in a variety of life lessons and stories. The Air Force is now finding a way to bring all airmen together through those experiences.Storytellers seems to be a rising star in the Air Force world, but what is it exactly? And where did it come from? Storytellers was
  • Getting a drone? Read this first

    Ask a dozen children what superpower they'd want most, and flying would likely top the list. Humankind's fascination with flight started long before Orville and Wilbur Wright first flew in Kittyhawk, and is certainly alive and well within today's Air Force.So, it should be no surprise that the Federal Aviation Administration is expecting the sale
  • Bittersweet - The ups and downs of a military family

    Being in the military often means sacrificing many things one can take for granted. Holidays and birthdays are times people expect to spend with loved ones, but that's not always possible for service men and women. Training, temporary duties, deployments and everyday responsibilities can run into family time. It becomes a norm. But what about