• Airmen stay mission-ready despite tempo flux

    From furloughs to flying suspensions, monetary constraints have recently impacted Air Force installations around the globe.Although the 391st Fighter Squadron halted its four-month flying hiatus July 17, due to approved funding, the effects of lost flying hours were not only felt by aircrew, but those who support them as well."When we lost some
  • BX employee devotes lifetime serving those who serve

    When Sandy Juul began working for the Army & Air Force Exchange Service, Jimmy Carter was the President and a gallon of gas cost 59 cents. Counting President Carter, that is a span of six Commanders-in-Chief.Juul, military clothing sales store manager for the MHAFB exchange, started her career in 1977 and has spent the last 36 years serving
  • Fighting fire with desire

    Running into a civil engineer warehouse with reports of fire and two victims trapped inside and no other information, Airman 1st Class Andre Adams, the man on the hand-line hose, checks the door for heat with the back of his hand, opens it and charges through the smoke. At that moment, he has no idea what could be inside. Staff Sgt. Aaron Theriault
  • ADC: The shield protecting America's Airmen

    Formal systems of law have existed since Hammurabi chiseled his code onto magnificent temples during his reign as ruler of the Babylonian empire.Since that historic era, there has been a need for individuals to study and interpret those laws in defense of those on trial. Fast-forward a few thousand years and across the globe the modern legal system
  • Synchronized surgery

    It's early morning on MHAFB, and while many Airmen are just waking up, the 366th Surgical Operations Squadron is alive with action. Unbeknownst to their already sedated patient, the small operating room is swarming with an assortment of medical professionals, all working together in perfect harmony. The harsh florescent lights throw shadows on the
  • Dorm management takes care of Airmen

    It is essential each and every new MHAFB Airman sees a smooth and comfortable transition from "pipeline" to "operational" Airman.With many of these Airmen being unaccompanied and destined for the dormitories, in addition to their supervisors,  the ones concerned with this responsibility are the dedicated professionals of the dorm management
  • What Does Privatization Mean for Mountain Home AFB Residents?

    Balfour Beatty Communities is pleased to announce that on Aug. 1 2013, BBC will assume management of Mountain Home Air Force Base Family Housing with the goal of providing the highest level of customer service, enhanced housing and a vibrant community for the Service Members and their families stationed here. At Balfour Beatty Communities, a
  • Quality Assurance: Maintenance commander's "eyes and ears"

    Aircraft maintenance requires a high level of proficiency and job knowledge to fulfill mission requirements prepared by combatant and coalition commanders. These skills are monitored and inspected regularly by some of the career field's most knowledgeable maintainers found in the 379th Expeditionary Maintenance Group's quality assurance agency
  • Perseverance: An Airman's commitment to health, triathlon and career

    There's a chill in the water of the pool contrasting the dry heat outside. Above the surface there is chaos, the sounds of screams and splashing echo off the walls of the old hangar. Beneath the water there is a sense of solitude leaving her alone with only her thoughts. Swimming laps requires constant focus - keeping the body streamlined, pushing
  • Want that summer beach body? The HAWC can help

    With summertime in full swing, the ideal "bathing suit body" is on a lot of minds, and sometimes PT and personal fitness plans just don't cut it. Fortunately, Mountain Home Air Force Base offers a resource to military members and dependents to improve their health and help them feel more confident in warm-weather attire.The 366th Aerospace Medicine