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Risk Management

MOUNTAIN HOME AIR FORCE BASE, Idaho -- With the holiday upon us there is one topic that tends to be overlooked as we set out to travel, decorate, or even go about our daily routine. Risk Management is something that everyone needs to stop and reflect upon this season. Every facet of our lives seems to carry with it some inherent risks, whether that be setting out on a road trip for this holiday season, or going through the routines in the local area you must perform some risk management. For example risk management can be something as simple as planning for a long drive. Before doing so you should map your route and possible alternate routes before leaving. Be sure that when you are making these plans you account for where you are going to sleep, how far is it between service stations, and what will the weather be like as you are traveling. Your next step would be to ensure that your vehicle is in good working order and possibly have all the fluids changed out before the trip. Maybe for another preparation you could prepare an emergency road kit. The kit could include things like food, water, warning devices, flashlights, blankets, and anything that you may deem necessary should you break down in a rural location. Finally it would always be good to let someone know what your intended routes are. Maybe text them or call at every check point just so there is some accountability as to where you are.

These steps as simple as they seem are a version of risk management. By acknowledging the risks associated with a road trip, you began to reduce those risks by setting forth with abatement methods. This simple example can carry over to every aspect of life. As long as you do your best to mitigate risks, and have a plan in case something goes wrong, your chances of succumbing to a serious mishap are greatly reduced.

This holiday season the 366 Fighter Wing asks that everyone take a little extra time to think about the risks that are associated with their favorite activities and be sure that they are doing everything in their power to reduce those risks.