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Samaritans appreciated


Last winter when my husband slipped and fell on the ice and broke his ankle and no one stopped to help, I lost my faith in human kindness.

But now my faith has been restored. On Aug. 9 my husband, son, grandson and my son's friend went up to Trinity Mountain on their ATV's. On the way down, my grandson hit a rut in the road and went over the side of the mountain on his ATV. He was smart enough to bail off, but he slid down the mountain, hit a boulder and broke his leg.

My son and his friend managed to get him back up to the road when two couples and their children approached and stopped to help. One of the ladies had EMT experience and immediately went to work to splint his leg with the assistance of her husband and her friend.

She knew exactly what needed to be done.

During this time, the other gentleman went down the side of the mountain on his ATV to retrieve the damaged ATV and brought it up the mountainside with the assistance of my son. They said not to worry about the damaged ATV, that they would bring it back to Mountain Home and that they should get my grandson to the emergency room ASAP. They kept it at their home in their garage until we had time to go pick it up.

The names of these angels of mercy are John and Kacie Lippincott and Neil and Tracy Bullock. John and Neil are in the military stationed at Mountain Home AFB.

There are not enough words to express our gratitude for what they did for us.

By the way, my grandson had surgery and is coming along okay. We are grateful it wasn't any worse.

Geri McCoy