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Newest CGOC executive council offers leadership, camaraderie, fellowship

MOUNTAIN HOME AIR FORCE BASE, Idaho -- Three of the most important aspects for young Air Force officers are leadership, officer-ship and camaraderie among peers.

With the many responsibilities thrown at company grade officers, it's often easy to forget about the last of the three, which is where the Mountain Home AFB Company Grade Officer Council comes in. The CGOC gives lieutenants and captains a chance to get together, network and help with career enhancement.

Mountain Home's newest CGOC Executive Council aims to revitalize the CGOC and amplify its presence both on base and in the community. Just as any organization with leadership changes, the CGOC Executive Council knows it needs your support and participation to successfully flourish and offer a solid base for CGOs throughout the 366th Fighter Wing.

Our goal as CGOC council members is to offer you opportunities to network with other CGOs, volunteer on base and in the community and help make you a better officer. It's for all CGOs, married or single, enlisted experience or not, and in all career fields. We have a newly written vision, which is "To promote the professional growth of CGOs at MHAFB through a social and informational network, in which we will enhance professional development, community service, and camaraderie Air Force wide- and articulate CGO concerns to regional representatives."

The 366th FW CGOC is also unique as the first international CGOC, with members from the Republic of Singapore air force also involved.

We encourage you to come join the CGOC and share your inputs. We are still looking for some leadership positions to be filled, as well as for a large amount of CGO participation. E-mail 2nd Lt. Christina Prejean at christina.prejean@mountainhome.af.mil or Capt. Marc Carns at marc.carns@mountainhome.af.mil if you are interested in getting more involved in the CGOC.

Our next meeting is 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Nov. 19 at the Gunfighter's Club.

Meet the new faces of the CGOC executive council:
Name: 2nd Lt. Christina Prejean
Squadron and duty title: 366th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron section commander
Hometown: San Diego
Alma Mater: Westmont College
Commissioning Source/Career field: ROTC/Force Support Officer
Time in Air Force: One year

Vice President
Name: Capt. Marc Carns
Squadron and duty title: 366th Fighter Wing Judge Advocate
Hometown: Alexandria, Va.
Alma Mater: University of Oklahoma
Commissioning Source/Career field: ROTC/JAG
Time in Air Force: 11 and a half years, prior enlisted

Treasurer/Fundraising Officer
Name: 2nd Lt. Omar McArthur
Squadron and duty title: 366th Fighter Wing honor guard officer in charge
Hometown: Lumberton, N.C.
Alma Mater: East Carolina University
Commissioning Source/Career field: AFROTC/Force Support Officer
Time in Air Force: one year

Name: Capt. Melissa Floor
Squadron and duty title: 366th Surgical Operations Squadron clinical nurse
Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas
Alma Mater: Utica College of Syracuse University
Commissioning Source/Career field: Direct Commission/Nurse Corps
Time in Air Force: less than a year

Republic of Singapore Air Force Liaison Officer
Name: Lt. Chia Chi Yu
Squadron and duty title: 428th Aircraft Maintenance Unit F-15SG weapons system officer
Hometown: Singapore
Alma Mater: Jurong Junior College
Commissioning Source/Career field: OCS, Singapore/F-15SG WSO
Time in Air Force: six years

Operations Officer
Name: 1st Lt. Christopher Goshorn
Squadron and duty title: 391st AMU assistant officer in charge
Hometown: Tyler, Texas
Alma Mater: United Stated Air Force Academy
Commissioning Source/Career field: USAFA/Maintenance Officer
Time in Air Force: 11 years, prior enlisted

Retention/Recruiting Officer
Name: 1st Lt. Tara Marta
Squadron and duty title: 366th Force Support Squadron sustainment service officer
Hometown: Pocatello, Idaho
Alma Mater: University of Maryland
Commissioning Source/Career field: OTS / 38F
Time in Air Force: 19 and a half years, prior enlisted

Base Support Officer
Name: Capt. Andrea Burks
Squadron and duty title: 366th FW wing executive officer
Hometown: Louisville, Ky.
Alma Mater: University of Louisville
Commissioning Source/Career field: ROTC, Force Support Officer
Time in Air Force: five and a half years