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Eubank Award: Championing Synergy

MOUNTAIN HOME AIR FORCE BASE, Idaho -- I'm not sure if everyone has heard, but the Gunfighters won a major command award! Mountain Home Air Force Base will be visited from an Air Force team who will evaluate how the 366th Fighter Wing represents the Eugene L. Eubank Award compared to Air Force bases across the world!

From January 22 to 26, the 366th Force Support Squadron will show how Gunfighters and their family are taken care of.
This award process is simple. With the dedication of everyone on the base, the 366th FSS provided the customer service shell that is called "Force Support."

Even though not everyone is part of the more than 500 members of our unit while offering service each and everyday, it is everyone who defines what we do. Everyone is involved as a "force support" professional.

Outdoor Adventure Program trips provide the thrill of running down one of the world's greatest rivers in Idaho. It wasn't a Force Support employee who probably took you. Force Support does it for nearly one-tenth of the price a normal guide charges. This awesome program is possible because of volunteer boatmen, and with the service provided from people around the community. The results of that community synergy throughout the FSS is responsible for over 10,000 volunteer hours covering more than 20 of our major programs.

So maybe you didn't guide a raft trip, so you still don't feel a part of the process. Consider this then. Have you ever submitted comments or ideas to the FSS about the programs or activities you've visited? If you have, then you deserve a nametag as well. In fact, everyone's ideas create a synergistic approach to change and with that, over 30 changes in our business in the past year. Still not convinced you have a part? Some of the best sporting activities on the base happen at the Youth Center! Maybe you've seen one of them? Better yet, individuals reading this article were some of the coaches and assistants who provided more than 1,575 volunteer hours to our youth programs.

Merriam-Webster's dictionary defines "support" as "maintaining by supplying with things necessary to existence". That excerpt clearly defines the stewardship shown in our community. Each Gunfighter on this base contributes to the FSS mission and its renowned success of taking care of people. The synergy created from this unique relationship only further strengthens what the Air Combat Command has already told the world. The community of Mountain Home AFB truly emulates what the Eugene L. Eubank award truly stands for. It stands for serving others in the very best capacity to make life better for those who wear the uniform.

Congratulations to all Gunfighter's on winning the Eubank Award, we look forward to celebrating with everyone when the Air Force team touches down. They will see the awe-inspiring things done each and every day in Gunfighter country!