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How do I make a medical appointment?

MOUNTAIN HOME AIR FORCE BASE, Idaho -- Have you ever searched through the base phone book, looked on the internet, or pulled up any other source you could think of just to find the phone number for Mountain Home Air Force Base central appointments?

If you give up your search for the phone number, your next option is to load yourself into the car and drive to the Urgent Care Center. Once you get to the UCC, you are triaged and can sometimes wait up to two hours before you are seen by a provider.

Wouldn't it be better to call, schedule your appointment, know exactly when you'll be meeting with your provider, and arrive at the MDG just in time to be seen for your appointment?

Do me a favor; take out your cell phone right now and add the following information to your contacts: 366 MDG Central Appointments - (208) 828-7900. You can call central appointments Monday - Friday from 0700-1630.

To make an appointment or leave a message with your PCM, all you need to do is call 828-7900, press option 1, and press option 1 again to speak with a central appointments clerk.

If you're more of a technical wizard, you can skip the phone call and just logon to www.tricareonline.com to book your appointment online. The MDG ensures 80 percent of appointments are available for booking online, so this is a great option for shift workers or those who prefer to conduct their business on the web. Interested? Go to www.tricareonline.com to register.

If you have questions about making medical appointments, please contact me, Capt Vanessa Johnson, at (208) 828-7220.