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Secret to Success…. A “Can Do” Attitude

MOUNTAIN HOME AIR FORCE BASE, Idaho -- While sitting at my desk trying to decide what to share with the Mountain Home community, I glanced to my right and noticed a photo of my father. Immediately I knew what to write about...a "Can Do" attitude. Such an attitude is, in my opinion, the single most important factor for achieving success in life. To this day, I remember my dad's words of encouragement, "Kevin, you can do anything in life as long as you're willing to work for it." These words and the "Can Do" attitude they represent have become a continual source of encouragement and success in my life.

A good example occurred when I was a junior in high school wrestling. I was expected to finish at the top in my county tournament. However, during the second round, I was unexpectedly upset by an unknown, unranked wrestler. After the final whistle, I stood up, walked to the mat's center, shook my opponents hand, and watched in complete disbelief, as the referee raised his hand in victory. At that moment, I experienced the feeling of complete and utter defeat. I had let myself, my coach, my team and my family down. When I reached the stands, head hanging low, my dad embraced me and with complete fatherly confidence said, "Don't worry son, you'll be back next year!" His "Can Do" attitude turned my disappointment into motivation to succeed, which I did the following wrestling season.

My hope is that this article will serve as a reminder to all that any reasonable goal is truly attainable with a "Can Do" attitude and lots of hard work!