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Women's Leadership Symposium: Connect, Empower, Succeed

MOUNTAIN HOME AIR FORCE BASE, Idaho -- The auditorium was a sea of green and tan uniforms with spots here and there of Air Force blue. The Sea Service Leadership Association held the annual Women's Leadership Symposium March 17-19, in San Diego, CA, to honor and recognize female military personnel.
Looking around at the room, I realized the Air Force is not well represented at the nation's largest gathering of women in uniform. During this gathering, the SSLA scheduled briefings and lectures and then had a breakdown of specific topics for individual services by rank.

It was an excellent way for females to network with each other, focus on leadership development, and learn from the top women leaders who are on the front lines around the globe. One of the best parts of the whole symposium was not only learning from the top female Air Force leaders, but being able to learn more about the other services and the challenges they face.

Each year, influential speakers are chosen to discuss their personal experiences and advise on different leadership skills. This year, all of the speakers were remarkable from retired Marine Colonel Arthur Athens to actress, Ms. Geena Davis.

One issue Chief Master Sgt. Trae R. King pointed out was the lack of younger Airmen being involved. Yes, we had non-commissioned officers and senior non-commissioned officers, but what about our future Air Force leaders?

The lower ranks could use this excellent opportunity to get the key ideas of leadership and the chance to learn from our top military leaders, such as Lt. Gen. Janet C. Wolfenbarger, Vice Commander, Air Force Materiel Command. 

Iinformation about the next conference can be found at www.sealeader.org. This isn't just for women, men are more than welcome to come and show support as well.